Amgen At The Edge

The market itself has decided the lower wedge-line is important.

Price action penetrated, then recovered, penetrated again and is now testing the underside.

This oscillation about the line validates its existence and confirms its importance.

AMGN is at the danger point.  Price action can go either way.

Higher, and the wedge has been negated.  Lower and we may have a strategic, long-term reversal.

Separately, the short position via BIS at the trader’s discretion was exited early during Friday’s session.

When it’s obvious, we did not wait around for the stop.

The total profit on the short, held for just ten days, was about four-weeks pay for the typical American worker.

Why list it in those terms? 

With at least 30% of the population out of work and no job in sight, would it not make sense to show how proper research, experience and training may replace some of the lost income?

Getting back to the biotech short position; Later in the session, as IBB was rising, BIS declining, the short was re-established.

More on that entry is planned for tomorrow’s discussion.

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