Fail: Gold Miner Indexes

When in an uptrend and prices start to flag, it’s a warning that energy is lost.

The Newmont update showed the heavy hitter was in a reversal.  That update gave specifics on how or when the reversal would be negated (and back into an uptrend).

It’s not happening. The upside hasn’t showed … or, at least not yet.

The next trading day, Newmont (NEM) lost 1.5%. The day after that (yesterday), was another down day with a loss of nearly 1%.

Today, NEM is attempting to move higher. However, the weekly bar is still in reversal.

The mining indexes themselves are not so clear.  The junior index with its weekly chart below, has it reversing last week and now attempting to move higher.

It’s losing steam.  It’s no secret that failed moves can be the most dynamic of all price action.

The market is ‘supposed’ to go one way … in the case of the silver/gold miner’s, they’re supposed to be moving higher; Hyperinflation and everything, right?

What if everyone’s on the wrong side of the trade?

What if the expected hyperinflation is years away? 

This juncture right now, appears (not advice, not a recommendation) to be a low risk area to go short.

In the case of the junior index GDXJ, if price action closes up for the week, the bull market may continue.

If not, and GDXJ closes down for the week, the up-trend looks like it’s failing and the entire sector could fall apart.

Charts by StockCharts

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