The Plan

The image below may be the best descriptor of the (economic) plan going forward. Full (forced) compliance won’t be achieved until every vestige of small-business (Mom & Pop) is destroyed.

On the bright side, at least we know what’s coming.

The near instant, within hours fracking about face, could be used as the economic model; destroy everything and do it quickly.

Self employment (S-Corp of one) may or may not be the ultimate answer. One thing it might do, is offer more time for maneuvering. That’s critical when ‘speck’ injectors show up at large firms and force everyone into line.

With that in mind, two sectors have been the focus as opportunities for short positions.

Oil & Gas, XOP and real estate, IYR.

There are others like gold with GDX down again in the pre-market … thus confirming a bearish trend.

It could wind up that shorting GDX was the best option.

However, since there’s such rabid indoctrination into the hyper-inflation theme, it could be a bumpy road to the bottom … the exact worst thing for an inverse ETF.

Those trading vehicles prefer straight down action. Otherwise, they erode (value) quickly.

Analysis of the Oil & Gas sector was covered just recently, right along with identifying a reversal. XOP is down again in the pre-market with DUG up.

The short position in DUG is being maintained (not advice, not a recommendation) with chart analysis to come over the weekend.

Real estate, IYR shows a lower open as well.

Going short this one (via DRV) has been more time consuming. As IYR heads lower after an apparent false breakout (Wyckoff up-thrust), increasing the line (position size) is the objective; not advice, not a recommendation.

Depending on today’s price action, chart analysis on IYR and DRV will be forthcoming.

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