Biotech, More Detail

10:47 p.m., EST

First, the daily chart with the familiar trendlines

The magenta arrow shows, down-thrust has diverged. Today closed lower but thrust energy was (nearly) nonexistent.

The right side trend is still unknown.

More contact points are needed. However, inverse fund LABD has shown consistent trend angles (above) at various points throughout its sideways, corrective move.

Taking the SPBIO hourly chart and inverting, gives a more accurate picture; we see the Wyckoff set-up:

This type of price action is high probability. Not perfect, but still potentially 75% – 80%, effective or higher.

The fact that inverse tracking fund LABD accelerated upward into the close adds weight, we’re potentially at the end of the correction.

The fundamental backdrop continues to implode.

The plan for world control (through speck injected depopulation) is out in the open now. No doubt.

Amandha Vollmer has this update on the decades long, mass hypnosis.

Stay Tuned

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