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The usual suspects for the week.

No. 1

“Intermittent reinforcement, is a hook.”

That’s what the late David Weis told me during a mentoring session years ago.

Being told a half truth, fools the easily fooled into thinking that maybe someday, they’ll be told the whole truth.

It’s a psychological hook that never ends.

The so-called news organization at this link, likes to act like it’s part of the opposition; It feigns surprise as it ‘reports’ on carefully crafted, selected, intermittent reinforcement topics.

Nothing happens at this level that’s not planned.


No. 2

Cyber attack at largest meat packer.

Just one of many hits taking place in the cattle industry.

The cattle livestock/ranching sector continues to be under increasing (planned, intentional) attack.

As Ice Age Farmer reports, both Colorado and Oregon are working to outlaw cattle ranching; making it too expensive to raise beef and thus eliminating the practice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch … literally, there’s an independent meat processor near Fort Worth.

Personal anecdote below (skip to No. 3, if desired)

There’s a ‘hole in the wall’ meat processor in a town near Fort Worth.

It’s located well off a main road and next to several nursing homes. Vacant, weed-overgrown lots, surround the building.

You have to navigate a giant pot-hole in the dirt parking lot to get to the metal barn-like entrance.

Once inside, you’re standing on a cement floor and facing a long refrigerated display case … probably, 20ft – 25ft, long.

It’s at that point, you realize you’re not ‘inside’ but actually underneath a metal overhang that was attached to the outside of the main building.

From the amount of rust visible and the worn paths in the concrete, it looks like this ‘addition’ took place at least twenty years ago.

While I was there, a man who had driven from Sachse (pronounced Sacks-see) was there to pick up his order.

Sachse is on the other side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It’s over 60-miles away. Not far in Texas, but still.

This is the type of place that will process your typical deer or other game kill for the ‘Bubba’ type hunters.

That is, until now.

There’s a sign at the entrance that says because of the overwhelming increase in business, game processing will no longer be available.

That sign is right next to the “Help Wanted” sign.

So, that’s how it’s mapping out … at least on that day in this town next to Ft. Worth.

The infrastructure is fragmenting.

Extrapolating the example above, it looks like small independent ranchers and processors will attempt to pick up the slack … but it’s not likely to be enough.

The real constrictions to the food supply have not even started. This small hole in the wall, is already overwhelmed.

No. 3

One reported effect of speck injection is being termed “Jab Freeze“.

The link shows what that may look like. Source has not been vetted.

You be the judge.

No. 4

Nurse calls out her corrupt and cowardly co-workers.

At time stamp 6:53, she calls them “The Devil’s Little Helper”.

Taking money to knowingly inject people (and now, children) with a lethal concoction is betrayal.

I wonder if that extra pay amounts to ‘thirty pieces of sliver’.

No. 5

Don’t drink the Kool-Aide

Remember that?

Late Saturday night, an episode of “Corrupt Crimes” was aired that covered the Jim Jones massacre.

Did you know there were survivors? Want to know how many?

There were 33 survivors.

That puts the whole event in a different light doesn’t it?

Stay Tuned

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