Biotech: Break-out or Blow-off?

2:41 p.m., EST

Massive volume in Biotech, IBB.

Price action penetrates resistance.

Heading higher or set-up for collapse?

It’s about 80-minuts before the close and already, IBB’s printed more single day volume than in the past four years.

There must have been a huge number of stops at the resistance area for price action to launch so decisively.

Now, as we get near the close we’ll see if it was just short covering, or if there’s really some kind of demand to hold and move prices higher.

The 4-Hour chart (below) shows a potential reversal as we head into the closing hour.

It’s the trader’s discretion on how to interpret and position (if warranted) in this environment. This site does not make recommendations.

However, based on the technical and fundamental data provided over the past year, we’re expecting at some point, a complete collapse of the sector; bottoming-out sometime in mid to late October, this year; not advice, not a recommendation.

If IBB continues to push decisively upward from here, meaning, tomorrow’s session is follow-through action, it will most likely (but not fore sure) invalidate the ‘collapse’ scenario.

We’re at the danger point

One of many other factors helping the bearish assessment is the release of this report:

Sell signal hits all-time high

Charts by StockCharts

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