Mount Aso Volcano Erupts

Or … ‘How’s That Stack Of Silver ?’

One result of a solar minimum (reduced sun-spot activity) is increased volcanic eruptions.

That increase has something to do with more solar radiation hitting and penetrating the earth.

Thus far, it’s not fully understood.

A contrary thought; it’s understood (able to be manipulated) but that insight’s not going to be revealed to us the proletariat.

One data point in favor of the ‘proletariat’ scenario is at this link. Right at the start in the upper left, you see clouds.

What’s strange about them? Think ‘wavelength‘.

Hiding in plain sight.

Honorable Mention:

This update would be remiss if it did not mention the latest on China’s reduced fertilizer exports.

Futures market for Urea (not making that up), moving briskly higher.

Mid Session:

Back At The Ranch, SPBIO (LABD)

Biotech SPBIO, is in the process of testing yesterday’s action.

The hourly chart of the inverse fund LABD, has price action in the process of competing a secondary test.

The take-away is unchanged.

Biotech (SPBIO) looks like it’s preparing for a directional move (not advice, not a recommendation).

Price action thus far (since the support penetration), is consistent with that potential.

Stay Tuned

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