Recession First … Depression Next

The Last Place To Be … Real Estate

The most illiquid of all ‘assets’: Real Estate

Two quarters of negative GDP (even with cooked books) equals recession.

Next up, full-blown depression.

Some would argue (like J.B. and Dan) that we’re already in a depression … we skipped the recession part altogether.

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Anyone who thinks the Fed’s going to ‘pivot’ because the numbers are weak, does not understand (or won’t admit to) the real purpose of the entity; but I digress.

The Strategy

Way back in December of 2020, this post was released which discussed ‘Genesis 41’, specifically.

It was an intuitive assessment; we’re in a phase where corn and grain (i.e., the food supply) are potentially more important than ‘stacking‘ silver or gold.

Over the ensuing year and a half, how correct, that has proven to be.

Then, nine-months ago, was this post, presenting the ‘elephant’; a massive population decline whose repercussions would last the lifetimes of anyone reading.

Now, we have this. A report that confirms the elephant.

It’s all starting to hit the mainstream, although the language is still being couched to not cause undue panic. Good luck with that.

So, what’s next?

The Danger Point: Real Estate

While mainstream press and money managers alike struggle to figure out the obvious, we have price action itself telling us the next likely direction of the market.

During an economic downturn there are many places not to be such as semiconductors, airlines and other low margin businesses, restaurants and so on.

However, the most illiquid of all, is real estate. It does not matter how bad one wants to sell, if there is no buyer, there is no sale.

Real Estate IYR, Weekly Chart

Last week, real estate IYR, closed right at the Fibonacci 23.6% retrace as shown.

Getting closer in on the daily, it’s marked up to show the risk from a shorting perspective (not advice, not a recommendation).

Real Estate IYR, Daily Chart

In this case, the risk on a short position is defined as the distance from last Friday’s high (IYR: 93.96) to that same week’s high of IYR: 95.0

Let’s add, Friday’s action saw IYR, retrace a Fibonacci 76.4% (the most available) of the entire move for the week.

The Summary

Amazon (AMZN), ProLogis (PLD), and Real Estate IYR, are joined at the hip.

Now the economy’s imploding, massive warehouse space is not needed.

Ditto that for employees as well.

ProLogis is already down – 31.2%, from its all-time highs set just this past April.

We’ve already shown PLD, has a nasty habit of going straight down during a market route.

Last time, PLD, crashed over – 84%, in just two months.

It’s likely to be worse, this time around.

Stay Tuned

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Miner Reversal … 7-Weeks Later

Strategy Update … GDXJ

Wyckoff and Fibonacci analysis allowed the reversal of gold miners GDXJ, to be identified to the week and then, to the day.

A quick review of this post, is the reversal on a weekly basis and this one is a follow-up, showing Fibonacci correlation on a daily basis.

If we want to go way-back, this report, shows the miners were not in a bull market and have not been for some time; for years, actually.

That does not mean there were no trades for upside or downside; there were.

However, from a strategy standpoint, gold miners are not bullish.

So, let’s look at the Junior Miners GDXJ, as it’s the weakest in the sector.

Junior Miners GDXJ, Weekly Chart


First Mark-up

The reversal is at Fibonacci 89-weeks, plus one day.

However, it’s the next chart that’s more disconcerting for the bulls.

Price action reversed right at a Fibonacci 23.6%, retrace; indicating severe weakness (if it holds).

The two black lines above the 23.6%, are 38.2%, and 50%, respectively.

The next chart zooms into the reversal area.

This week has already posted a new weekly low, providing additional confirmation of the reversal.

As gold, silver and the associated miners reverse lower, we have news reports of precious metals purchases going off the charts.

Where was everybody in 2001, as gold was bottoming?

That’s, 2001 – to – 2022, a Fibonacci, 21-years.

Which brings us to the next point.

The YouTube “Herd”, is Forming

Several YouTube sites that have been monitored for years, have recently blown-up, passing 100,000 subscribers; more than a few are past 200,000 or higher.

Recently, they have started giving each other ‘shout-outs’, to indicate their approval of that particular site’s ‘content’.

Viewer, Beware

By definition, the ‘herd’, does not have the right answer.

Each one is now monitoring what the other one is doing; they are all, influencing themselves.

The only way to have a hope of getting unique insight is to remain aloof. Wyckoff described this exact phenomenon in his autobiography.

He had very wealthy clients that wanted to get closer (unlimited) access to him. To this overture, he refused.

He isolated himself and remained cloistered.


Thus far, the analysis of gold ‘changing hands‘ remains intact. Gold continues to be well off its highs; silver is not anywhere close.

Strategy, Tactics, and Focus.

The Junior Miner’s reversal can’t be disputed … there it is.

If precious metals and the miners are not responding to all the ‘money printing;’, then something else’s afoot that’s not being revealed to us in the proletariat.

That ‘something’, is probably starvation … which gets us back to Genesis 41; corn and grain come first, then gold and silver (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Weekly, Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects


No. 1

Airplanes Dropping Like Flies.

A very brief search of the most recent crashes or incidents are here, here, here, here, here, and here.

It’s all just a coincidence or maybe it’s because of this.

The repercussions of on-going events are just getting started.

This is a long-haul chess game.

No. 2

Americans Take Up The Gauntlet … Go To Vegas

What a pathetic bunch of cowards.

If you’re blowing whatever’s left of your money (or credit), it’s likely you have no real marketable (high pay) skills, no talent, lazy, obese; so, we’re off to Vegas.

Add to that, we’re just at the start of the depression.

Patera, from Appalachia’s Homestead (time stamp 4:24) addresses the problem a little differently but her final assessment is the same.

It’s true, there are some barriers to learning a new skill.

Dan from i-Allegedly points out the high cost to get a CDL, to be a trucker.

However, those who are awake, those with their nose in the KJV Bible, those leaving the corrupt church (in droves), knew that current events were coming; they took action way before it became obvious.

Remember this post?

It’s been nearly two years, to the day.

No. 3

Deflation Indicators

Not all prices are rising.

As the real estate sector gets vaporized, we have the natural fall-out, building materials dropping in price.

Uneducated Economist reports here, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Price reductions as we’re going into the summer building season, is a massive indicator of evaporating demand.

No. 4

Food First … Then Gold & Silver

Everything is going according to (their) plan.

Yet another indicator of the current strange weather (warfare) that’s going to strain the system.

Here’s the link to the very first post that specifically referenced Genesis 41; posted on December 31, 2020.

As with the ‘Mask on, Mask off (linked above), how has the post aged?

Is it still relevant?

What about this quote … seemed extreme at the time.

They paid for the corn first, with gold and silver.  Then they paid with their livestock.  Then they paid by selling themselves into life-long slavery. We can equate that last part (slavery) as getting the vax.

No. 5

Chess Board Strategy

It’s a bitter pill to realize we’re in the long game. ‘Normal’, is not coming back … ever.

That does not mean there’re no opportunities. There are.

Those opportunities (if we survive) are/will be potentially life changing for the good.

The Sunday futures market opened about two hours ago and we’re up around +0.40%, in the S&P.

Let’s see if that spills over to the Monday open; remembering that we’re short the real estate sector with the finger on the sell trigger (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Corn Train Wreck, Continues

One Way Or Another …

The food supply is, and is going to be destroyed; one way or another.

The latest in this ‘planned’ series of events, can be found here and here.

More information on the first link, is here. The initial paragraph says it all.

That second link calls the news a ‘Black Swan’ event.


It’s been known for years and reported by those who are brave (moving forward despite ridicule, threats, bank account closures), and who had insight, times like these were coming.

As a result, (i.e., since the Derecho) the commodities, specifically corn, have risen dramatically.

Teucrium tracking fund, CORN, Weekly

Looking and the chart, several items of note.

First: Volume picked up markedly in the fund, before the Derecho of 2020. Almost like someone knew something was about to happen … which it did.

Wyckoff said it best a century ago … those in the know, will have their actions show up on the tape.

Second: We’re currently in Fibonacci Month 21, since the Derecho. Does that mean we’ll have another market event?

Let’s see how the fertilizer news affects the futures market at the next open.

However, more specifically as posted in this update, we’re looking for some type of ‘administration’ announcement that temporally crashes the price of corn.

Third: Getting back to the chart of CORN, the right side is showing signs of potential distribution.

We’ve had the largest weekly volume, ever, during the week of March 4th.

After that, volume has remained elevated … a possible changing of hands and distribution.


Markets like to test wide high-volume print areas. There’s always a potential for that type of test in any market.

For CORN above, the high-volume area is around 23.00 – 23.50; an approximate drop of -21%, from current levels.

If we get some type of ‘export restriction’ announcement, a (temporary) 20-plus percent drop in CORN, is not unreasonable.

Stay Tuned

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Putin’s Gold … Paradigm, Not

‘Nothing New Under The Sun’

Remember the ‘Silver Short-Squeeze‘?

How the little guy was finally going to ‘put it to the man’; forcing the SLV, ETF, to admit they don’t have enough physical silver to cover?

How did that work out?

Same as it always has … it was a non-event.

Now, we have a supposed paradigm shift the ‘world’ has yet to fully process.

Paradigm, Not

The ‘paradigm’ link above, promulgates the intended or mistaken notion, there are two sides to world events.

Sorry Charlie, operations at world government level(s) are working in how shall we say, ‘lockstep’?

Nothing is a surprise.

So it is with gold. At least it is at this juncture while always keeping in mind, anything can happen.

Gold, GLD, Weekly Close

The message of the weekly close, is straightforward.

We’re at the danger point. The location where it won’t take much to move price in either direction.

If we really are in a ‘new paradigm’, by definition, gold (GLD) must move to new highs.

If other governments world-wide are shifting to gold-backed currencies, by definition, demand will increase and move prices higher.

Higher by not just a one-day blip of 10 – 20 points or even a hundred … but thousands.

It could happen.

In the longer time frame, that may indeed be the case. However, at this point, we have something else afoot.

The Famine, Cometh

Gold has never been the same since the Derecho of 2020.

In fact, that was the pivot point for both gold and corn which are now, inversely correlated.

Here are just a few recent links concerning the food supply; here, here, here and here.

That last one … what a great way to cover the outcome of this link.

It’s a slow-motion train-wreck that’s obvious to anyone that can see.


Just like there was no ‘new economy’ during the Dot-Com bubble, there’s no ‘new paradigm’, now (not advice, not a recommendation).

The focus remains on what the price action, the market, is saying about itself.

At this juncture, GLD, is at the danger point.

The presence of huge volume during the week of March 11th, suggests a changing of hands from strong to weak.

That in turn, points probability to weak upside (if any) and more likely sideways, or down.

Stay Tuned

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Nuke Plant On Fire … And Gold ?

There’s a nuke plant on fire (so we’re told) and gold hardly moves.

It’s up a paltry +0.40% (as of 8:45 p.m., EST) and still below the highs set on February 24th, according to futures contracts linked here.

There are no charts with this post.

Only the assessment there’s something very wrong with the whole ‘war story’.

Perhaps the latest report from ice-age-farmer can shed some light on what’s really happening; the ‘big picture’.

Going to that report brings us right back to Genesis 41: It’s the corn and the grain first … then gold and silver.

Stay Tuned

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‘Four Generations’

The Average Life Of A Fiat Currency

What if the ‘imminent collapse’ of the dollar is overblown by about 50 – years?

According to this just out, on private gold-filled currency, the article states average life of a fiat currency, is four generations. It goes on to say there are exceptions like the British Pound, continuing on even after hundreds of years.

The Black Swan

In Taleb’s book ‘The Black Swan’, he says it’s an event that nobody expects. It has long lasting repercussions and permanent change.

However, what most if not nearly everybody ignores or leaves out, is his alternate definition. That is:

A Black Swan can also be a future event that’s widely accepted as fact, that does not happen !!!

Is that where we are with the U.S. Dollar?

Even though the dollar has not collapsed and in fact, has rallied as we’ll see below, the ‘collapse’ talk continues unabated.

It’s easy to talk about dollar collapse.

It’s what gets the clicks. No matter that an actual collapse may be years if not decades away.

As of this post, how many ‘monopoly money’ YouTube videos can be found? Seems like it’s the same number or more than, ‘gold to skyrocket higher’.

Well, so far, gold has not skyrocketed higher.

On top of that, this site’s even provided an exclusive correlation that gold’s moving inversely to corn.

See ‘Insight Note at the end of this post.

Ever since the ‘Derecho‘, it’s never been the same.

Back to the dollar.

No doubt, the dollar was whacked over the past trading week. Let’s take a look at what the UUP, price action is saying about itself.

Dollar, UUP, Weekly Chart

The unmarked chart shows the dollar oscillating, testing support for six-months at the beginning of 2021.

Then, in mid-June ’21, UUP pivoted decisively higher (gold, GLD, pushed lower) and never came back to those levels.

Of course, this past week The Usual Suspects were out talking about the dollar and ‘monopoly money’.

Since the ‘gold skyrocketing higher’ forecast failed spectacularly, along with it being the investor’s fault, we then had the ‘clueless‘ and now, it’s ‘monopoly money’.

The chart below shows last week’s bloodbath has served to bring UUP, down to an established trend-line.

It’s important to note, with all that (down) volume, the most since early 2020, UUP was not able (thus far) to break through the trend (blue line).

That leaves the dollar at or near, the danger point.

Continued, sustained selling, risks breaking the uptrend.

If the opposite takes place and UUP starts to rally, last week may have been an inflection point (to the upside).

Gold (GLD) and the dollar appear to still be inversely correlated.


Ever since removal of the link to gold in 1971, the dollar has the potential to collapse at any moment.

However, in this case, we at least have some historical precedent that on average, fiat currencies tend to last four generations before becoming worthless.

Wyckoff sates in his writings over and again, ‘somebody always knows something’.

If there’s a collapse afoot, he tells us to look at what the market is saying about itself (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Insight Note:

It’s been a strange coincidence over the past year or so, ideas presented on this site make their way to certain YouTube sites either in the titles, or within their content.

The timing of this phenomenon, that within a day or two, ‘post it first here, see it on YouTube there’, has occurred more times than one would consider as just ‘coincidence’.

Admittedly, the insights (making their way to certain YouTubers) have not been exclusive … that is, until now.

Recognition of the Gold/Corn inverse correlation, first posted here, is unique to this site.

As far as is known, this correlation has not been presented on any other financial site or YouTube channel or any other medium.

It may be an important data-point and map into this site’s long-time premise; it’s the corn and the grain first, then gold and silver (not advice, not a recommendation).

For more detail, search for Genesis 41.

When ideas from others are incorporated into the analysis presented on this site, full acknowledgement of the source is cited.

As Dr. Elder said in his book ‘Come Into My Trading Room’:

“I have zero respect for thieves”

He’s talking about the theft of his book title: “Trading For A Living”. He goes on to say, (paraphrasing)

‘Do you really want to use market analysis or input from someone that can’t think for themselves?’


Therefore, this footnote is authorizing the further use of the Gold/Corn inverse correlation by others in the industry if they so choose with the following caveat:

If one of the sites monitored (or some other media) uses this exclusive insight, and does so without referencing the source, it puts this author in the unenviable (but not unfamiliar) position of calling out the thief by name … not unlike what Stew Peters is doing (to the hoax/genocide perpetrators) on his broadcasts.

This market environment’s providing a fantastic public service:

It’s separating out the hucksters, the shysters and the otherwise incompetent from those who are, or who are striving to provide a service or useful insight.

The general investing public may find out soon enough, they’re on their own. Maybe unbeknownst to them, they’ve always been on their own.


Junior Miners, Stall-Out

First To Reverse

For the evening/overnight session, both gold and the S&P futures have opened lower.

The S&P is down 50-pts, nearly 1.10% (at about 8:15 p.m. Eastern) and already penetrating the last session’s low.

The number of technical factors concerning gold, the miners and especially the Junior Miners GDXJ, is significant.

We’ll cover just a few in this update.

Junior Miners, GDXJ: Daily

The un-marked daily chart shows GDXJ oscillating but in a general downward trend:

The next chart shows price action posted a reversal bar right at Fibonacci 23.6%, for the entire move; from the breakout highs in mid-November ’21, to the lows on January 28th, this year.

A ‘Fib’ retrace of 23.6%, is rare and if it holds, indicates significant weakness.

The next two charts present a case for why this shallow retrace may indeed hold and thus, indicate the start of the next leg lower.

On a print basis, it’s been a Fibonacci 55 (+1) days from the GDXJ print high on November 12th, 2021, to the high posted today (2/2/22).

The next chart shows that November 12th, 2021 was also the closing high of the breakout set-up.

The Important Part:

Yesterday, was the closing high of GDXJ (so far) and that makes it a perfect Fibonacci 55-Days, from peak-to-peak.

The last update on the miners showed significant down-pressure at support levels, unlike previous visits to the area.

Looks like we’ve had the rally that was forecast; that rally may now be fading.

“It’s reasonable to expect an attempt to rally in the coming week … but with this much down force, a successful rally is not the high-probability outcome.”

Gold Could Hold

Already discussed, is the idea, the actual price of gold may hold steady or even go higher and yet the mining sector collapses.

As Dan from i-Allegedly posts in this report, Italian wine makers are having a hard time getting corks for their bottles. That’s right, corks !!!

Does anyone really think a massive mining outfit is going to be able to source all they need to continue operations without interruption?

Let’s not even get started with the ‘sustainability’ corporate failure already baked into the cake 🙂

‘Stackers’ … We’ve Got You Covered

That’s right, if the last report was not enough, we now have this: Fertilizer plant on fire … imagine that.

Right in time for spring planting.

But wait, there’s more; look at the fire chief’s comments. How many “33s” can you count?

For we wrestle not

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Sorry for those who think it’s all a ‘myth‘. I’m with Good Patriot on this one (time stamp 17:09); that we’re in a battle surpassing all that’s come, since 33 AD.

Gold & Silver

Hard assets: Good to have for sure (ammunition, seeds and egg-laying hens may be better) … but if we’re really in a similar event to Genesis 41, that means the corn and grain come first, then gold and silver.


This post started with the S&P down about -0.80% and it’s now down -1.10%, posting a new daily low.

Gold is down slightly, holding steady but that’s already been discussed above.

Remaining short the sector via JDST-22-01 (not advice not a recommendation).

Position size on JDST-22-01, has been increased. More on that in the next report.

Stay Tuned

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Corn … The Famine Set-Up

Waiting For Mr. Potato

It’s hitting the mainstream.

Famine ahead; more specifically, a crisis in corn.

This article just out from ZeroHedge, has the upcoming crop in an almost guaranteed rout before it even gets planted.

Ever since the ‘Derecho‘, corn has been thought (on this site) to be the potential catalyst for market and economic collapse.

The first time that idea was presented was on August 20th, 2020, in this post.

It’s important to note that way back, 17-months ago, it was already understood to be a ‘controlled demolition’.

Crazy conspiracy back then. Looks like a fact, now.

Which brings us to the charts.

CORN: Weekly Chart

As usual, we’ll start with the unmarked chart: Teucrium tracking fund CORN:

It looks like price action is about to break to the upside.

The chart below is marked with some key levels: Support and 38%, and 50% retrace:

For long-time visitors to this site, you can almost write the script for what comes next.

What can make corn drop far enough to get itself below established support and into the ‘spring set-up’ area?

Doing so, may present a medium, to long-term, trade opportunity.

Enter, The Potato

It’s probably not “if”, but “when”.

What we’re looking for here, is some kind of Jimmy Carter type stunt where corn exports are halted in the name of ‘national security’ or some such thing.

More detail on the Carter grain embargo at this link … scroll down to No. 12

Of course, if that happens, corn is likely to crash (like it did last time) if only temporarily.

More Is Less

A corn embargo means more corn for us, right?

Probably, wrong.

Remember, fertilizer prices are sky-high.

Elevated corn prices (like now) might just cover the cost for the farmers … maybe.

A corn crash in the commodities would likely mean even less corn gets planted … maybe none at all.

Enter, The ‘Bought And Paid For’

It may be that easy (as above), or get complicated because a major consumer of U.S. exported corn, is China.

Exports to China over the last year have literally gone off the scale. Add to that, China is the number two holder of U.S. Debt.

So, one can already see where this may be going.

After the initial fake panic where the politicians realize there’s a crisis (that part being real), which they themselves created, they’ll likely pontificate about halting exports for just long enough, to have farmers throw in the towel with no spring planting.

After all of that, and let’s not forget special investigative news coverage about ‘how all this happened’; blame it on climate change and then keep everything the same.

Exports continue (to China) as much as possible and the U.S. citizens starve … literally.

By the way, go to time stamp 24:04, at this link and look at the clouds in the upper right. For those awake, it’s clear; right angle, cross-hatch pattern.

Right angles are not a natural phenomenon. Whatever climate change there is, is the one being created.

When Corn Takes The Dive

If or when corn takes a hit, price action itself will define the correct trade action.

So, let’s be ready and not surprised, if we see corn in chaos.

Stay Tuned

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It’s The Poo … Turning Into Gold

Wait, What ? … We Really Do Need Cows ?

Unprecedented times, yields unprecedented events.

It looks like cow dung (i.e., fertilizer) is literally turning into gold.

From the October 12th, 2021, update:

“What happens when the public realizes all-at-once, it’s the food supply that’s not ever (in quantity) coming back?”

Of course, in our upside-down world, if dung is turning into gold, well then gold must be turning into, um, something akin to dung; and so, it is.

For those who have been monitoring this site and others like ice age farmer, this news is nothing new.

The assessment that gold (GLD) was in a reversal (up-thrust) test, published hours before the Fed announcement, appears to be correct.

From the mining sector, the Junior Miners (GDXJ) have been hit the hardest being down about – 10.7%, for the week (early session).

Junior Miners, GDXJ:

We’re going to use the weekly close chart of GDXJ, as presented in the January 24th, update; more specifically, this statement:

“If GDXJ really has pivoted more aggressively to the downside, price action will ‘get itself into the channel’ by accelerating sharply lower.”

So, let’s take a look.

GDXJ, Then:

GDXJ Now (early session):

It’s still a long way to go before the close. However, action seems to be accelerating lower into the new more aggressive down-channel.

More detail in the zoom chart below.


As a courtesy, although not obligated in any way, the following is from the company’s trade spreadsheet (not advice, not a recommendation).

The ‘share size’ has been changed to indicate percentage of the position.

Frist, we had DUST-21-01, closed out (details discussed here) and then JDST-22-01, opened. We’ll call that initial open as 100%.

Then, additions were made and one reduction before adding again. Those changes are shown as percentages of the original size.

Example: If the original entry on 1/19, was 10,000 shares of JDST, then on 1/20, that amount was increased by 348, shares and so on.

The table below provides the dates and entry/exit prices (not advice, not a recommendation).


There may still be opportunity to increase position size.

However, it’s obvious at this point, the market’s in decline and volatility likely to increase all the more.

It’s literally been four months or longer, to plan this trade. As of this post, the combined position is up a nice +31%

The next order of business is to monitor action and locate potential exit targets and stop levels.

Meanwhile, the cow dung becomes ever more valuable. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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