‘Stealth’ Reversal, Oil

XOP Lower Open, Signals Weakness

Nobody’s Looking

A higher XOP open would have probably been a short set-up (DUG) failure.

However, that’s not what happened.

The open was lower but then price action went on to post a new daily high above yesterday’s.

At this juncture, the short set-up is still valid (not advice, not a recommendation).

How can a new daily high be acceptable for a short position?

Repeating Set-Up:

Back in August this post was created to help document a market behavior that’s probably been repeating since the beginning.

My former mentor, David Weis used to call it ‘Spring to Up-thrust’, using Wyckoff’s terminology.

The fact the set-up’s been repeating for decades, if not a century or more, is definitive proof traditional valuations and fundamentals have nothing to do with actual price movement.

That’s a topic for another time.

XOP Analysis:

We’ll start with an un-marked XOP daily chart:

It doesn’t look like much is going on. So, let’s zoom into the far right side using the 15-minute, below:

Ok, what am I supposed to see?

Marking up the chart, we have the following:

Once we have the correct annotations, it’s obvious XOP just posted a ‘Spring to Up-thrust’.

True, it’s on a minor time frame like the 15-minute; however, it does give a clue XOP, could be in for a more significant and longer-term reversal (not advice, not a recommendation).


If XOP is somehow able to post another new daily high during this session or subsequent, most likely it would be time to exit our short position (via DUG, not advice, not a recommendation).

For now, the expectation’s for continued oscillation below today’s high … while XOP figures out if that’s all there is for the up-side.

Stay Tuned

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