Biotech … Ready To Reverse

Highly leveraged (3X Inverse of SPBIO), LABD, looks ready for upside reversal.

The next chart shows trendline contacts.

Volume increased on Friday while the trading range narrowed significantly.

The next chart’s a little busy but zooms in on the volume and the daily range in question.

The overall markets have rebounded during the past two trading days.

Inverse funds have declined correspondingly.

Interestingly, LABD seems to have maintained its upward bias (down for SPBIO) better than other inverse funds like SDS, DXD, SOXS, QID and TZA.


For downside action, one wants to look for the weakest sector.

Look for a new daily LABD high on Monday, (new low for SPBIO).

This is a typical entry signal with stops at the last session’s low; currently LABD, 40.08 (not advice not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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