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Huge truth bombs from a just released Stew Peters broadcast, linked here.

At time stamp 15:25, one of the major truths is Taiwan; specifically, Taiwan Semiconductor, TSM.

Why Taiwan?

Why focus on Taiwan Semi and its connection to the Emerging Markets, EEM, ETF?

We’re focused on it because that’s what the tape itself is telling us to do. The EEM, has already been in a sustained downtrend since mid-February, last year.

It’s been three successive (chart) quarters of lower lows and lower highs.

Looking at semiconductors in general, out of the top ten market cap equities in the SOXX, only TSM, is at or below its 23.6% retrace level. All others have rebounded much higher.

As Wyckoff said a hundred years ago … ‘somebody always knows something.’

Meaning, those really in charge (time stamp 2:53, above) already know the plan; their actions show up on the tape.

We’ll look at those tape actions with TSM below

Taiwan Semi TSM, Daily Bar

Moving closer in on the daily, we have the following.

It’s clear, at this juncture, price action has stalled.

Two sessions ago (Wednesday, 23rd) there was an outside down (reversal) bar.

This session and yesterday’s, have been inside action so far.

There has been no new high or low, posted.

Although today’s action posted below yesterday’s low, it has not posted (currently, at mid-session) below the reversal low.


Anything can happen.

Price action, TSM could launch upward past the resistance and continue to a 38.2%, retrace.

At this point, it seems to be low probability; all the good news (i.e., the short squeeze), may be out.

We’re heading into the weekend and we’ve seen over and again, that’s when things go sideways.

As Livermore said, ‘surprises tend to happen in the direction of trend’.

TSM, is and has been, testing the underside of its breakdown; it now appears poised to continue lower.

Stay Tuned

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