Weekly Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects

It’s about two hours before the Sunday futures open and we’re about to see what happens next.

In the meantime, the links below are from the week just past or of special note for our bear-market conditions.

Like Mike Tyson says …

‘Everybody’s got a plan ’till you get hit in the face’.

The following are not in any particular order.

No. 1

The ARKK Takes On Water

It can probably be safely stated, this ARKK, was not likely built to Biblical specifications.

Maybe they used the wrong Wood. 🙂

No. 2

Hold The Narrative At All Costs

If one lives long enough, eventually you may reach the point where you’re tired of being played.

Once that happens, eyes are opened, you see the narrative clearly; that’s it’s everywhere.

Take this link for example … oh so many narratives.

Like defining ‘investor’ and ‘trader’; defining how each of those two behave in the markets.

The article surmises that investors think traders are not as smart as they because … well, investors have more letters after their names (CFA, CFP, CTA, and on … maybe even PhD … whooo).

Traders, well, they’re just circus monkeys and volatility junkies.

This narrative is beat into the collective conscious incessantly as far as can be remembered. It keeps the herd (investors, traders alike) firmly in the box.

Remember this link?

However, the great speculators back in the day, Livermore, Wyckoff, Loeb, were none of those things.

Their actions were determined on what the market was saying about itself.

Obviously, if you’re isolated, focused on what price is actually doing, not watching the news, then you’re not part of the herd.

You’re going against the (established and approved) narrative, a dangerous animal indeed.

No. 3

Bear Market Links

It’s time to brush up on bear market strategies.

Links are here, here, here, and here.

No. 4

Collapse, Baked-In

When you have stupidity like this … who needs earnings?

No. 5

Who is Shooting at Whom?

Here’s a story you won’t see on the mainstream news.

No. 6

Tulip Bulb Mania, is Over

When millions of people are starving to death, I’ll sure be glad I invested in a ‘tweet‘ … Not.

Way back in Middle School history class, I could not understand the mania.

I thought to myself … “It’s just a bunch of flowers, right?”

It would have been nice for the teacher to say:

“When you get to adulthood, you’ll be surrounded by morons”.

No. 7

Canada’s Mandates Explained

At last!!!

Here is an easy-to-follow, scientific explanation.

Stay Tuned

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