Think, ‘Inside The Box’

Late Session

Or … Who’s In Charge Of The News?


The same people who came up with the tag line appearing simultaneously throughout every major corporation:

“We’re all in this together.”

Remember that?

I have an engineering buddy that founded his own muscle car performance company (think “steeroids®”) and he told me the following:

“Once you get out of the corporate world, you won’t be able to think straight for about six months to a year.”

I didn’t quite understand what he meant … that is, until I left the corporate world.

It was just as he said. Six months before the fog began to lift.

Steered To and Fro:

Each corporate directive or news story is out there for a reason. Someone (much higher up) had to decide on its creation and release.

Once out of the box, you can see (if you’re awake) just how much and how deep was/is the control.

What does all that have to do with the markets?

Well, let’s take a look at the latest case of (hyperinflation induced dollar collapse) herd behavior; the gold market.

Gold To Rally?

The gold lunatics are out again … having escaped the asylum yet one more time.

Of course, this upward bounce was predicted well in advance:

Of note: GDX is in ‘spring’ position. An upward attempt is to be expected.

If GDX was to break out and start a sustained bull move, this would be the spot. We’re at the danger point.

Gold and GDX, have indeed put in some kind of a rally. However, let’s see what the gold market (GLD), is saying about itself:

Gold (GLD) Analysis:

As of this post, this is how it looks.

Marking up with a tend-line gets us the following:

On a longer term perspective and if the trendline is broken, we can go back to the original idea of an up-thrust set-up:

As is typical for this site, we’ll let the bulls duke it out with the bears. We’ll wait and see if we’re at a reversal point (trend-line) or if we’re headed to up-thrust condition.

If GLD breaks the trend-line, getting back to the 170 – 171, level (up-thrust), imagine the hysteria. 🙂

Lastly, Biotech (LABD):

First: Did we exit LABD?

Answer is No (not advice, not a recommendation)

Second: Why?

The price action thrusts below support that have been reported in prior posts were indeed spring set-ups.

However, it’s obvious now, they were not THE set-up.

The chart shows LABD has met an ‘a-b-c’ measured move target.

The idealized form of an ‘a-b-c’ corrective move, is shown with the blue lines and notations:

At this juncture, wave ‘a’ net distance traveled, is equal to ‘c’ and wave ‘b’ net distance, is about 50% the length of wave ‘a’.

These measurements are typical for ‘a-b-c’.


My firm’s main position is still showing a good profit and we’re going to maintain short biotech via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

However, as with GDX being at the danger point before its rally, so too is biotech at the danger point (prior to a potential decline).

Expectations are for LABD to retrace higher from current levels.

Stay Tuned

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