Biotech … The Big (Short) Test

Price Action Follows The Plan

Biotech index SPBIO, has come back to test the underside of resistance.

Leveraged inverse fund LABD, has performed as expected.

That leaves us at the danger point.

It’s no mystery this site’s coming from a bearish perspective … that we may be about to experience an unprecedented decline.

However, the markets are designed to frustrate all except those in control; the ones implementing the ‘agenda’.

With that, biotech can do any number of things, but the most likely action is a downside reversal from these levels.

Biotech SPBIO, Forecast Update

The previous update linked here identified an ‘accumulation zone’ for inverse fund LABD.

Meaning, we’re expecting biotech to test (temporarily) and in so doing, allow opportunity to ‘accumulate’ the LABD position (not advice, not a recommendation).

The original forecast chart is below:

Biotech 3X Inverse Fund, LABD

Back then

And now.

Pointing to where LABD price action is going to go, could be the equivalent of ‘Porter‘ pointing to the outfield, where he is going to hit his home run; agreed?

The Danger Point

For all the major indices, not just biotech, we really are at the danger point.

The Fed has made its announcement.

Somehow, the mass psychosis continues; that the Fed is obligated to ‘help’ the economy.

Let’s review what the Fed is really all about. That link is here.

One has to wonder, if the typical 30-something (or older) has any idea the above link (and associated book) exists?


Tomorrow’s price action will let us know if we’ve reached some kind of bottom or if the bottom’s going to fall out.

At this juncture, from a probability standpoint, the trend remains down.

Therefore, remaining short the biotech sector via LABD, LABD-22-03 (not advice, note a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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