Biotech … Possibly, FATE(AL)

Trend-Lining @ -99%, Annualized

Is biotech about to go ‘flat-line’?

It’s not just biotech.

As The Maverick of Wall St. presents in his latest video, linked herethe entire market is poised for its next leg down.

In that video, estimates for that next leg are anywhere from -30% to -90%.

Fate Therapeutics FATE, Daily

FATE, is one of our ‘three amigos‘ of the sector, SPBIO.

The daily chart shows a confirmed, multi-hit trend line that’s declining at over -99%, annualized

FATE, isn’t the only one in the ‘- 99%’, crowd

TWST, is also trending lower at -99%, and BEAM, is running a close second at -98%, annualized.


Today, Friday (mid-session), is the last trading day before a holiday weekend.

During such days, we typically have an upward (low volume) bias.

With that, there’s still just a bit more trading room for FATE to contact the right side trendline.

Of course, what happens next will be the important part.

Stay Tuned

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