Gold … The Five Stages of Reversal

First, is Denial

We’re about to find out the truth of gold’s direction.

The last update showed a ‘blip’ above known resistance.

It’s been three trading days since then and gold (GLD), has yet to close above last Tuesday’s level.

Gold could head straight lower from here. However, the more likely outcome is a test of resistance.

The test, if it happens, may be the defining moment for gold on a go-forward basis.

Just to add some intrigue, we have yet another bullish forecast for gold.

How GLD, handles the test may let us know if it’s going to act just like the rest of the market. i.e., potentially head much lower.

Going back to the bullish article, it’s interesting the author references the Maginot Line.

In an odd ‘predictive programming‘ kind of way, referencing that support area in such a way, may actually put it into play.

That Was Then …

The Maginot Line was built (like most government projects), to handle a catastrophic event after the fact.

World War I had already happened. Whatever comes next (WWII), won’t be like what came before.

The same is true for the markets. It’s called the ‘rule of alternation’.

However, in the markets, anything can happen.

With that, let’s take a look at the most probable outcomes for gold.

Gold GLD, Daily

As of Friday’s close, GLD, is sitting right at the 38.2%, retrace from the ‘blip’ high posted on Tuesday, the 13th.

Getting all the way up to the resistance (blue line) would put GLD, at 61.8%, retrace.

Of course, powering through resistance changes the character of the action. If that happens, then maybe we really do have a bull market continuation.

Stay Tuned

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