Oil & Gas … Reversal ?

Yesterday, Was ‘Day 13’

Monday was Fibonacci ‘Day 13’ from the January 4th, XOP, lows.

With about fifteen-minutes before the open, pre-market action in the XOP leveraged inverse fund DRIP, is trading slightly higher at 12.67.

So, was yesterday the day? Has XOP topped-out and now in the process of reversal?

As always with the markets, the price action itself, will show us the truth.

However, what can be stated with some confidence, is that we’re at a low-risk point for going short (not advice, not a recommendation).

‘Low-risk’, does NOT mean ‘no-risk’

XOP, New Low or New High

It’s somewhat straightforward at this point.

If XOP, posts a new daily low, it increases the probability of reversal. If it posts a new daily high, then price action is possibly on to new all-time highs.

Oil & Gas XOP, Daily Close

The daily chart shows the labored six weeks of rounded top that’s identified as ‘Up-Thrust’.

At present, XOP is testing the underside of that Up-Thrust.

The zoom version of the chart shows the amount of upside effort expended during the rounded top.

Price action spent over a month attempting to move higher, only to collapse into a downside reversal.

Now, we can see that wide price action area is being tested; not unlike the Newmont test as described here.

It’s what the market does.

Stay Tuned

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