Intel (INTC) Meets Target, Stalls

Off, By Just 0.02-Point

Is downside reversal, next?

The last update on INTC, had this (emphasis added):

“One thing that can be said with some confidence, if INTC reaches 27.25 – 27.50, that puts it at The Danger Point®”

On Friday, Intel posted a daily high of 27.52, just 0.02-points above the projected range.

It closed up by + 2.95% for the day and bucked the overall trend of the markets which were decidedly lower on news of bank failures.

The 15-minute chart has the detail.

Note: A ‘cut-and-paste’ was done on the second chart to show how close price action came to the forecasted area.

Intel INTC, 15-minute

Original analysis

Updated (cut-and-paste) version.

On Friday, price action posted the 27.52-high, right about mid-session.

It retraced lower and then, near the close attempted to move higher again … which so far, has stalled.

Futures, In 4-Hours

It’s just over four-hours before the Sunday futures open.

Unknown of course, is whether or not we’re in the next ‘liquidity event’ a-la 2008 -2009.

If so, not many will be immune and especially not Intel (not advice, not a recommendation).

Intel Chip Factory, Ohio

Much ado is being made about Intel’s major chip factory slated for Ohio.

However, let’s all keep in mind, that projects can be cancelled or abandoned.

One such example for Intel was this one; abandoned in the center of Austin, Texas, for years until it was ultimately demolished.

Stay Tuned

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