Biotech Chart Nuances

It’s been a while since biotech (IBB) was on the radar.

We’re going to look at the thirty-minute chart of 2X Inverse fund BIS, to show the change in character.

The first two oval areas after each up move in BIS (IBB down), was fully retraced. Not only that, the retrace occurred on the same day.

Not so with the last oval, today.

BIS has a changed character.  The thirty-minute bar was not retraced; telling us we’re at the danger point where the risk is least.

Both the weekly and daily MACD indicators show momentum has shifted; stalled (on weekly) and has turned lower on the daily.

As far as shorting the biotech sector, any takers?  It’s not like the other crowded trades; Dow, NASDAQ, S&P, and on.

As this post is being written BIS is edging back slightly to the entry point @ BIS, 22.23.

In so doing, there may be an hourly trend line forming.  If that happens, updates will be forthcoming.

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