Massive Market Distortions

It’s hard to describe how stretched the market really is; how ‘the euphoria is so maximized’, as quoted by David Quintieri of the Money GPS.

His latest report, delves into published articles that contain one market stretched quote after another. 

Perhaps, the most frightening is: ”This does not feel like the top”.

You can find that report at this link.  The quotes listed above and more, start around the 1:40, time stamp.

In the markets as of this post (2:08 p.m. EST), biotech (IBB) continues to erode throughout the session. 

The firm has made one LABD (3X, Inverse) and two BIS (2X, Inverse) entries this session so far. Not advice, not a recommendation.

Note the stop progression on BIS entries.

Positions are below; not advice, not a recommendation:

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