Biotech Technical Discussion

Yesterday’s swift move lower in IBB looks like the start of the next leg down.

Update 10:34 a.m. EST in red below:

Closer inspection however, shows biotech could pivot and move to higher levels … if only temporarily.

We’re looking at the 30-minute chart of IBB. Yesterday’s action penetrated minor support and stopped dead.

When price action behaves in that manner, it puts the index in what Wyckoff called ‘spring position’ ready to move higher.

Then we have the wide 30-minute (red) bar from the session; likely to be tested. To do that, action needs to move higher.

The target area is near a 62% retrace of the entire down move from the high on February 10th, to the low on March 5th.

Note, yesterday was a Fibonacci Day 13, from that March low.

Even though IBB’s likely to move higher, we’re leaving it alone.

If action gets to the target, we’ll be ready to short (via LABD) if there’s opportunity.


It’s not called “The Danger Point” for nothing.

Price action penetrates deep below (minor) support effectively negating the ‘spring’ scenario discussed.

We’ve now penetrated below another support level

Price action can still spring upward from here … although probabilities appear to be fading.

Either way, we’re not interested in going long at historic valuations.

Separately, our ‘project’ has maintained short real estate via DRV (not advice not a recommendation), to be covered in a later update.

Stay Tuned

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