Last Gasp … Biotech?

3:42 p.m. EST:

Inverse fund LABD breaks out from a wedge pattern (to the downside) on reduced thrust energy.

Has this downside (upside for biotech SPBIO) reached exhaustion?

The 2-Hour chart above shows drastically reduced thrust (volume-price) energy to the downside. In addition, a wedge is typically the last formation at the end of a move.

Price action is the final arbiter. We won’t know if SPBIO will resume its downtrend (LABD higher) until there’s a definitive reversal.

Early action stopped out the ‘project’ position with a small profit as shown in the table:

We’re going to make changes on how the trades in the project are shown; more on that later.


The speck injection horror show continues with this 1-hour, 20-minute meeting of internationally acclaimed medical physicians.

You’ll never seem them on the mainstream.

The bottom line is those who have received the speck protection are a threat to the well-being of everyone else.

Some of the physicals have discussed potential action such as quarantine (or visual identification) of those who have received this so-called protection.

That’s right, it’s the people who have subjected themselves to the gene altering therapy that are now the potential threat.

Possible remedial actions are discussed. The video is a must see.

Stay Tuned

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