Senior Miners (GDX), Testing

11:27 a.m. EST:

With price action similar to the Amgen reversal, senior mining index GDX, is testing resistance.

As if taking a cue from yesterday’s report on gold heading lower, today we have gold and the miners deciding to head higher.

All is not what it seems however.

The GDX chart above, shows we’re already in up-thrust condition. There has been a sign of supply (selling overwhelming the buying) and now we’re heading up into a test.

Going back to this report on Amgen, it’s a near exact replica of price action; except it’s (apparently) taking place quicker.

Note the bottom of the ‘Sign of Supply’ is a Fibonacci 8-Days from the high posted on April 21st.

That would naturally lend itself to expect testing action to complete on Fibonacci Day 13, which is this coming Friday.

Remember, that as soon as everyone’s got it figured out (Fibonacci time frame) it changes to something else. So, if no one is really paying attention and still in the hyper-inflation bull camp, they’ll look at this action as a bull move; missing the reversal (when or if it comes).

Tests can fail as well. GDX could push through the resistance and negate the up-thrust.

As stated many times before, the gold market’s too crowded with too many rabid bulls.

This may be a good test and reversal set-up but we’ll stick with shorting biotech (not advice, not a recommendation).

By the way … biotech’s doing very well on the short side today … 🙂

Charts by StockCharts

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