‘Make-A-Wish’ … Tipping Point?

12:54 p.m., EST

News Hits Mainstream

Biotech Pivots

Operating with impunity, does have its limits.

However, those fully immersed in their evil, are not aware when sentiment changes.

How can they be?

They don’t have the discernment (a God-given gift), that lets them know when the jig is up.

The statements made by the organization’s CEO listed in the title block, sorry, you’ll have to do your own search, we’re not providing links for what should be obvious reasons, has instantly brought the entire ‘charitable foundation’ schtick under suspicion if not outright exposure.

The visceral response to those statements was immediate.

Complexion of the so called ‘charitable’ industries has forever changed.

Has sentiment for the biotech euthanasia project changed also?

As always, price action is the final arbiter. Anything can happen.

Chart Analysis: Biotech, SPBIO

At this juncture biotech and specifically SPBIO, has pivoted decisively to the downside.

As with yesterday’s update, the daily SPBIO chart is inverted and annotated:

The ‘repeating trendline’ concept that’s been discussed for nearly the entire seven week corrective period, is included above.

This time, it looks like we’ve reached the right-edge.

Stay Tuned

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