Biotech: Black Swan, Trigger?

9:17 a.m., EST

SPBIO: Downside Channel

Inverse Fund LABD, Higher

The daily close chart of inverse biotech LABD (above), has price action in a tight channel … trending higher (SPBIO, lower).

At nearly 500,000 views in just two days, this interview, on rumble, continues to build the fundamental case for either a biotech collapse, economic collapse, societal collapse or all three.

Update (10:05 a.m., EST): rumble interview nearing 520,000 views. An increase of 30,000 in just 18-hours.

Whether or not the LABD trading channel will continue to be in-effect, is unknown.

What is known however, what increases each day; this sector, unlike any other, has an unprecedented world-wide fundamental (criminal) backdrop.

The pundits, analysts, all looking for the trigger event … the black swan.

None of them are saying biotech could be that trigger.

Stay Tuned

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