Biotech Tracks Fibonacci

12:20 p.m., EST

Biotech SPBIO and Inverse LABD In Fibonacci Sequence

Today is Fibonacci Day, 34

Like a metronome ticking away, keeping time, so too has the SPBIO index and inverse fund LABD.

From a personal anecdote situation, I’ve never seen an index hit every Fibonacci Day with an inflection point … all the way up to today: 34 Days.

To get to the analysis, we’ll start first with an unmarked daily chart of inverse fund LABD, below:

Pivots from the June 28th, low are in Fibonacci sequence:

If today is a reversal or subsequent pivot … verified by next week’s price action, LABD’s exhibiting an incredible adherence to Fibonacci time.

This can only happen if nobody’s watching.

As soon as traders/speculators catch on that something’s afoot, the sequence diffuses into chaos; that may or may not come back to order at a later date.

Stay Tuned

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