Gold Miners Channel Lower

10:47 a.m., EST

GDX In Trading Channel

Follow On To ‘Up-Thrust’ Analysis

First, let’s start with the July 29th analysis of GDX. That update showed price action about to ‘Up-Thrust’ into a reversal.

The update even gave a possible high for the top of the developing set-up.

That high was in the area of GDX 35.65, near the 38% retrace level.

GDX topped-out at 35.82; then reversed.

The set-up chart is shown below and followed with the price action result:

And the result …

Pulling out to look at the weekly time frame, it’s clear, GDX is in a down-channel.

The magenta arrows show channel contact points:


Gold and the miners are not showing hyperinflation at this juncture. It’s just not there.

Something else is going on.

As with the real estate index (IYR) not reversing as expected from collapsing retail purchasing (within established malls and elsewhere), gold and the miners are not moving decisively higher.

With real estate, It came out months later (after abandoning shorts on IYR) that Black Rock and others had been buying up whole sub-divisions … specifically from D.R. Horton.

With gold, it may be something else.

As proposed several times, the ‘controllers’ may make it irrelevant.

For example, some parts of Australia are completely immobile.

If you can’t get to the bullion dealer to either buy or sell, does it really matter if the metal’s in your possession?

This is a long-term game and this site’s in it for the long haul.

Each side making its chess moves. With that, it’s probably a good idea to review the standard plan of those on the other side.


From a personal standpoint, as this post is being generated, there’s a Leghorn Rooster in a dog kennel cage (in my office) that’s been crowing for about two hours.

The same one (only much larger now) seen in this brief video.

Roosters are absolutely verboten in this neighborhood.

He started to crow decisively (collar or not) about a week ago; starting around 6:30 a.m.

He was not part of the plan. The five chicks were all presumed to be hens and his appearance was sort of an accident.

Several iterations later, which included sound-proofing the garage, he’s got his own set-up in my office.

It’s been about two and a half hours now and it looks like he’s done crowing. Soon, he’ll be off to check out the hens and be on with his day.

As a result of his arrival, we’ve changed our thinking: It may not be long before sentiment (to the food supply) changes instantly. It’s possible everyone at that time will be clamoring for their own livestock … crowing or not.

They’re no guarantees we’ll be able to keep him a secret (but God willing).

However, if he can be kept on the down low and then food supplies are cut off or severly curtailed, we’ll be more than happy to offer “Stud” services … for ‘small’ fee 🙂

Stay Tuned

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