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The Usual Suspects For The Week

Special “Silver” Edition

No. 1

Trucking Shipment Danger

Invoice factoring company goes bankrupt. Trucking and shipping shut-downs a likely result.

Link to the article is here.

‘How’s that stack of silver coming?’

The signs continue to stack up (pun intended) that accumulating inedible metals, non usable as a work tool or a medicine is a dead end; for now.

If you already have gold and silver … great.

At this point, we can see more and more, the ‘accumulation’ needs to be storable grains, legumes, proteins, water purification and medicines along with ‘protection. Go to time stamp 4:24.

No. 2

La Palma Eruption Continues: Increases Intensity

The best ‘boots on the ground’ reporting is coming from ‘Bushcraft Bear’ at this link.

You know it’s good as his videos are being stolen and re-packaged by those who can’t think or do for themselves.

Everybody’s so self-important and has something to say, right?

If you want to watch pure media sensationalism (with no actual data … other than lava temperatures), here is just one link among many.

No. 3

Stalag Luft III: ‘The Great Escape’

Drone footage of the path of the escape tunnel: “Harry”

Additional information on the event from a presentation by NOVA

Back when men had cajones and women didn’t.

No. 4

Shortages Starting To Cut Deep

Here we have reporting from a ‘regular guy’ in Connecticut.

It doesn’t matter how much silver or gold you have.

If it’s not on the shelf … it’s not there at any price.

No. 5

Acid Rain From La Palma To Hit Europe

I wonder what that’s going to do to crop yeilds … but wait, I have my stack of silver to save me. 🙂

No. 6

Getting Ready For Winter … And No Electricity

If I put my stack of silver in the fire and light it … will it keep me warm?

No. 7

Premeditated Murder

Link is here.

Scuttlebutt (unverified) on the alternate sites; corporate drug manufactures do not have liability indemnity if they engage in pre-meditated homicide.

No. 8

Quigley, Down Under

Does Quigley (Tom Selleck) have ear-plugs at time stamp 2:57???

No. 9

Taboo Scaboo … Goes To The Farm

For those following these updates, we’ve (at the residence) been raising a Leghorn Rooster (“Scaboo”) from a small chick … which is ‘against the rules’.

After six months, it wound up where he was spending more time, sometimes all day in the house. He was not able to go outside because he would start crowing.

Understandable as he was ‘outside’, a happy camper and surrounded by four hens.

Moving him to the farm of some friends is the best thing for him.

Apologies for the camera being in ‘portrait’ mode. I did not do the filming.

Here he is at his new home strutting around.

Look at the size of that comb!

Upon arrival, he immediately got into a scuffle with the ‘lead hen’ … that thinks she’s a rooster.

There was some blood and so they were separated for now.

No worries though.

He’s much larger than the rest and does not avoid conflict … i.e., he’s not a coward.

I suspect he’ll have it all straightened out in short order.

We have ‘visitation’ rights. 🙂

Meanwhile, the hens back at home have started laying.

Leghorns are very productive and will typically produce one egg a day.

At full production, that equates to 28 eggs a week.

In addition, we have about one year’s worth (and planning to get more) of chicken feed stockpiled.

Couple that with a three-tier, raised-bed garden (each bed is 192 sq.-ft., for a total of 576 sq.-ft.) that’s going year-round.

The other side of the yard has ‘mini-beds’ that are used for melons in the summertime.

The main beds are not used as the melons overtake the entire garden … being on the other side of the yard, allows them to spread out as much as needed.

All of our drinking water (including the hen’s) is filtered through a Berkey.

Thus far, this ‘homestead’ has made a serious dent it its reliance on the grocery store.

It’s taken eleven years to get to this point.

We’re in a long haul game (by the elites) that will likely last through the lifetime of anyone reading these posts.

No. 10

The ‘Unprepared’

As a corollary to No. 9, we have the ‘unprepared’.

YouTubers Jerimiah Babe, Dan ( I Allegedly) and now even a newer discovery, The Maverick of Wall Street, have all stated that some of their followers want to hear ‘good news’.

They say their posts are ‘too dark’ and negative.

I think in one of Dan’s recent posts, he even talked about those who are unprepared, attempting to make it look “cool” to not take action.

After dealing with the stupid, the lazy, the back-biters, the heel biters, gossips and the just plain idiots in the corporate world (24-years), stupidity looks like it may have finally run its course.

In a hopefully very rare comment (about myself), I’ll remind those reading, in the corporate career, I was one of the top Avionics System Integrators in the world; performing work as “Lead Engineer” for System Integration on Global Express.

So, I’m not making it up when recalling how I had to deal with the “tiny minds” as I came to know them.

I later went on to build an entire engineering department for an autopilot company that may have committed fraud.

They promised the customer a product they knew they could not deliver. They had already squandered the $200,000 initial payment (out of a multi-million dollar contract) for work that had not been done.

I was hired to build the department (hide that effort from the customer) while making it look like the company knew what it was doing.

Eighteen months later, the job was complete. As Dizzy Dean has said: “It ain’t bragging, if you’ve done it.”

I decided to leave that company and engineering entirely after I had chastised an engineer reporting to me, by giving him a poor review.

He then took that review to the HR department where the woman there decided on her own, she knew more about autopilots, system integration and aircraft flight test than I did.

The review was re-written by her; being more favorable to the engineer reporting to me.

I do not recall exactly if I signed the updated copy. If memory serves, I refused.

The rest it is history.

I left the engineering field entirely in early 2009.

The same level of effort and commitment I had in the corporate world, is now being poured into market analysis and other research; like backup power methods, seed-saving, managing livestock and homesteading.

It’s a long haul game as well.

This site’s not looking for the day-trade or even a swing trade. We’re looking for the big move … and spending money (account balance) to get it.

Everybody has their own trading style and time-frame. We’re openly disclosing that ours is focused on the long-haul (not advice, not a recommendation).

The recent reversal in Biotech, SPBIO (inverse LABD) may be just a blip … or the start of something much bigger. We’ll see.

Enough said.

Back to the unprepared.

Even if you’re prepared, it does not mean that you’ll avoid being taken down as well.

Idiots will indeed take some with them to the abyss just from being in proximity; or you (or me) being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At least if you’re prepared, you might see it coming (for them) and sidestep so you’re not swept up in their self-inflicted carnage.

Stay Tuned

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