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The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Moderna: Bad News On The Way?

Whenever a high-flyer darling stock changes course and reverses down in a big way, the lawsuits start.

‘Investors’ only know one direction … up.

They figure they’re so smart, any decision from them that does not work out, must be someone else’s fault.

Class Action for Moderna (with discovery) may be dead ahead.

MRNA is currently down – 34.8%, from its all time highs.

Let’s start our stopwatch and see how long it takes for the first ‘Notice’.

No. 2

‘How To Short The Dollar’

Well, if you need to know how to do it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

No. 3

Gold Pontifications

You don’t have to go more than 1:18, into this interview to get an inaccurate definition of inflation.

With that said, it does not keep the (delusional) bugs in the comment section from eating it up.

The interviewer, if he had the strength, could have stopped it right there and challenged with: ‘Inflation is defined as the expansion of credit that results in increased demand that in turn results in higher prices.’

At this point in time, we’re in credit destruction (i.e. Wells Fargo shutting down credit lines) not expansion … um, which is deflation not inflation.

Look at the velocity of money; enough said.

Moving on, there’s possible miss-direction at time stamp 11:40.

Anyone talking about that subject as something that’s real (other than this type of real) is at best, disingenuous.

What’s in the media is there for a reason.

That reason is to shape your thoughts and keep you thinking ‘inside the box‘.

Ending this item on a humorous note, years ago, probably 2003 – 2004, I had signed up for several Dr. Elder webinars.

During one of those, he made an off-hand comment to the effect:

‘Never trust a bald man who wears a hat indoors

Not kidding.

His son, who was the moderator at the time, immediately went into damage control; posting apologies directly into the live stream 🙂

No. 4

Lions and Tigers and Bears … Oh My!

Now we need to inject zoo animals.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Who knows when or if the tide will turn.

At this point, it looks like there will be complete destruction first which brings us to the next bullet item.

No. 5

Only Problems. No Solutions

Personal Anecdote. Skip to No. 6, if not interested.

Back in the day as an Engineering Manager, there were times an employee (usually an engineer) would walk into my office and give me a list of problems on a particular project.

If this happened a second time, I would sort of gently (maybe) let them know, ‘If you bring me problems, you need to have solutions as well.’

I also let them know, if they were not able to come with solutions, I would map out a long-term action plan (basically starting documentation for termination) for their continued development.

How many YouTube sites talk endlessly about the problem?

It does not take much effort or thought or creativeness to tell us what we already know.

This site not only presents the problem(s), but also presents potential solution(s) or action(s).


Problem: Markets stretched to valuations beyond historical extremes. Traditional methods of analysis (P/E ratios, Book Value. etc.) no longer work. The market could ‘disconnect’ and be unavailable to trade for days or weeks at a time (think Klaus Schwab ‘cyber attack’).

Solution: (not advice, not a recommendation):

Identify a market and trading vehicle that has its own direction and is separated from the overall mass-hysteria. Position ‘in and out’, as required in that market until such time there are other opportunities of similar potential.

That market thus far, has been identified as biotech, SPBIO. The trading vehicle is LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

Any disconnect or surprise event is already factored in as a likely positive for the position taken, i.e. being short biotech

We’re not only taking this approach for the current market environment but the supply chain as well.

The supply chain shut down and the potential famine that will ensue, is one of, if not the main reason(s) silver and gold may be of no use (at least temporarily) in the troubles to come.

They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD:

At this point in time, I’m sticking with Ezekiel.

No. 6

Mr E Is Back

Back in the day, before YouTube did its purge, we had Mr. E.

Evidently he was verbally abused in an elevator by a hoard of the mindless and masked.

This video is his response.

No. 7

Taboo, Scaboo

Well, it would not be a compete ‘Notes’ update without mention of Scaboo.

Here he is at his new home … a few miles north of town.

As mentioned in the last update, the hen that gave him trouble at the outset, well, he’s got that all sorted out.

According to his new owners, he takes his job seriously.

He protects the hens and is meticulous about getting them into their coop at night. He then goes to his own coop; sort of a personal man-cave.

This picture was taken by the new owner.

You have to figure they must be pleased with him to wait long enough to capture such a majestic pose.

Stay Tuned

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