‘Stacking’ … Strategic Error ?

Late Session

How many of our YouTube ‘stackers’ are chess players?

A quick check of three popular (randomly picked) ‘stacking’ YouTubers, has one showing his intro with a pile of silver being stacked under the floor.

The other has ‘trinkets’ on her desk and supposed collectibles behind her.

The other has gone as far to say, the reason gold and silver are not going higher, is because of the public itself.

No overt reference to chess or any reference to chess play as a means of addressing market conditions.

They may indeed have knowledge but they’re not showing it as a matter of course.

If memory serves, one of Richard Denis’ interview questions to his potential ‘Turtle’ trader(s) was whether he (she) played chess.

Take look at the host site’s business logo (Three Ten Trading, LLC) and we’ll leave the discussion there.

It’s the author’s opinion, the ‘stacker’ sites are in the business of getting more business; not analyzing the markets with any high level of thought or seriousness.

However, they might have a purpose.

It’s possible, they fulfill the ‘bread and circuses’ void that’s the hallmark of an empire’s collapse; which brings us to the situation at hand.

This ‘collapse’ we’re in, is a process not an event.

As we continue on, it’s becoming clear that single-mindedly stockpiling inedible metal in hopes of surviving what’s here now, and what’s coming, is a major (if not potentially fatal) blunder.

The players on this global chess board are making their moves and then counter moves.

Case in point is Southwest Airlines cancellations and shutdown.

Southwest Airlines:

The company has made its move.

The employees countered with their move. Perhaps even more importantly, they did it with bravery.

It’s likely, a large part of them, if not all (who are not showing up for work) will eventually be terminated.

It’s also reasonable to think when they made their move, they understood full well, the potential (termination) outcome.

Economic Shutdown:

As ZeroHedge reports, what if more corporations experience similar (employee walk-out) events?

What if it’s a mass exodus?

Is anybody really ready to walk or ride their bike … even a horse, to work because there’s no fuel at the gas station?

If there’s no fuel, there are no deliveries of any kind.

A check of the Home Depot, in this area has it relatively stocked in the garden section.

However, from a personal standpoint, after checking the local Tractor Supply, there’s no Jobe’s (organic) fertilizer to be found at either site (save the one torn bag at Home Depot).

The shelves are empty … for that item at least.

Mass Psychological Shift

Remember our example of herd behavior? That it can turn on a dime; doing it instantly across thousands of miles?

Storable food is running low. What about seeds and fertilizer?

Genesis 41

What happens when the public realizes all-at-once, it’s the food supply that’s not ever (in quantity) coming back?

Suppose they collectively decide (rightly or wrongly), the ‘stackers’ are just another herd of followers.

That it was all yet another lie; a diversion away from the real problem.

Silver and gold are great if you already have it.

However, this site’s sticking to the Biblical, Genesis 41, world view.

That is, corn and grain (food) come first. Then, gold and silver (not advice, not a recommendation).

Remember, Joseph was paid first (for grain) with money (i.e., the silver stack).

When the money was exhausted, livestock was used.

When that ran out, the people sold themselves into slavery to obtain food.

Stay Tuned

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