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If Set-Ups Repeat, Why Bother With The News?

Because, it’s the news that’s pushing around those who are easily manipulated, causing set-up(s) to materialize.

Decades ago, Wyckoff said that a speculator, will never be successful in the markets until they can completely ignore the news.

Sure, it’s important to monitor the news … but not for the purpose of speculating or investing.

Keep track of it to identify what they’re trying to accomplish. What’s the desired outcome for their press releases? Who are they trying to influence and maybe ask why?

Wyckoff went on to say (paraphrasing).

‘Put the other traders and speculators to work for you. Stand aside and let them spend their own money to drive prices into a high probability set-up.’

With that in mind, last week’s ‘Shakedown’ update on biotech SPBIO, and inverse fund LABD, said this:

“Because LABD, price action has hit the 21.40 area three times and rebounded, … it could, … could head lower for a penetration and spring set-up.”

Well, today was the penetration and spring set-up 🙂

Inverse Biotech Fund LABD

Hourly Chart

We’ve had the penetration of support … the rebound as well as what looks like a test.

Expectation for LABD, is to move higher from here to the top of the trading range.


My firm remains short SPBIO via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

Biotech’s showing weakness in the face of all-time highs in the S&P as well as the Dow.

What’s going to happen to ‘already in a bear market biotech’, when the overall markets reach their final top?

Stay Tuned

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