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The Usual Suspects For the Week

No. 1

‘Imagine The Hysteria …’

The quote below, taken from the October 14th post:

“If GLD breaks the trend-line, getting back to the 170 – 171, level (up-thrust), imagine the hysteria.” 

Well, at Friday’s close, GLD is currently at 172.61 and reached an up-thrust high (thus far) of 174.67.

Now, a re-cap of the hysteria (most recent first):

Von Greyerz: Gold-O-Mania Is Coming!

Gold Breakout Imminent!

Gold shhh…

Gold Probes Multi-Month Highs

“$3000 In Months, Not Years”

Gold & The Dollar Soar

Gold & Crypto Surge

That’s just within the last eleven days.

All of the above, brings us to the next item.

No. 2

U.S. Inflation. Hardest Hit Categories

The linked article goes on to detail where prices have risen the most … well, almost.

This chart shows the financial press approved categories and respective price increases.

But wait, there’s a category left out.

What about ‘ammunition’. The price of that category is up (depending on source) anywhere from 300% – 1,000%.

You have to wonder why that’s not on the list.

Personal anecdote:

A trip to the local Wal-Mart just yesterday to get mealworms for the hens (local feed store mom & pop has been out for weeks) gave opportunity to go by the sporting goods and the ‘ammo counter’.

The counter’s thirty-foot rack, was stripped bare.

All of it gone except for a few boxes of Federal 22,target, and some 12-guage.

Later in the day, there’s a strange twist while searching for product using this site,

The comments (rating) section have people bragging about how their ammo, is older production.

It’s completely turned upside down. Back in the day, you wanted the freshest stuff available.

Now, because of difficulties finding parts, product and experienced employees that have not been jabbed, quality has apparently declined.

The inference is, if you can prove that your ammo was manufactured during 2019, or before let’s say, you might be able to charge a premium on the secondary market.

Paul Harrell has shown, linked here, that properly stored, ammo will still be viable after 50-years or more.

Which brings us to the next item.

No. 3

Shipbuilder, Backpedals

Turns out, this shipbuilder’s not quite ready to destroy its own business.

However, the damage has (likely) already been done.

Anyone with production experience knows the way to destroy product quality, is to have an on-again, off-again, and then back on-again, production line.

It does not matter the product.

If production can’t be sustained, uninterrupted, for periods at a time, there really is no quality. Too many variables have been introduced.

This is where we are with all product. It may be part of the reason retail sales have spiked.

Get the good stuff now.

Stay Tuned

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