Gold Bulls … What Happened ?

Last Week, It All Looked So Good

Dazed and confused has got to be the current state of the gold bulls.

Just when things look like they’re getting underway to the upside, there’s another whack lower.

This morning’s action was no exception.

Before anyone starts screaming “manipulation”, the potential for this reversal (i.e., ‘the first correction’) has been discussed on this site for weeks.

Just yesterday was this:

However, the most likely outcome at this point, is the market pivots straightaway or hesitates for several days; just long enough for both sides (bulls/bears) to start scratching their heads.

Well, “straightaway”, it is.

Yesterday’s update, also ended with this:

“Next up, scheduled for tomorrow and depending on price action, we’ll discuss how the upward retrace in GLD, may actually be a test of the mid-November up-thrust“.

And a test it is … bringing us to the chart at hand, GLD

Gold, (GLD) Daily Chart

The un-marked chart.

We’re going to keep the chart ‘as-is’ this time and not invert.

Mark-ups are added showing the extent of the set-up; that last Friday, including Sunday’s overnight futures, were a test of the up-thrust:

It’s A Big Move

We’re looking at price action that took over four months to create a set-up (mid-November up-thrust).

Then, price action posted for nearly two weeks within the set-up before collapsing on November 22nd, last year.

Remember there was absolutely insane gold bull hysteria during that time … a very important nuance.

Now, we’ve got what looks to be nearly six weeks of testing that culminated last Friday (and Sunday, overnight).

If that weren’t enough, over those six weeks, the Senior Miners, GDX, has thinned-out. Thinning-out typically occurs at the very last stages of a directional move.


As stated yesterday, if we got a downside pivot in GDX (DUST moving higher), the market may allow an opportunity to re-establish the original position size … maybe more.

At this juncture (mid-session), it’s doing just that.

Early this session, the DUST position was increased by about 3.2% (not advice, not a recommendation).

Channels & Trendlines:

Scheduled for tomorrow, is a discussion on what to expect on a go forward basis.

Will action confirm a potential right-side trend or begin to move deeper into the trading channel identified in a previous post.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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