… Cue The ‘Hype’

Right On Schedule … A New ‘Variant’

Seems like just yesterday, we were saying:

“There’s all kinds of nastiness in the guise of ‘new strains’ out there; likely to raise their heads before Christmas and probably after as well.”

Wait, … that really was, yesterday.

So, now we have the ‘Nu variant’.

Get it? A, new variant. 🙂

The ‘Epsilon’ variant (from the idiot in Brave New World) is probably being saved for last … because if anyone’s still believing the hype by that time, it won’t matter … they’ll be fully ‘boosted’.

That doesn’t mean the pros can’t make money off the herd … while there still is a herd.

Which brings us to today’s underside test action of MRNA.

Moderna (MRNA):

Well, that retrace was quick.

First, let’s show yesterday’s weekly chart.

And now, today’s

It’s true that price action is testing the underside.

However, if we go to the daily chart (below), we can see if price action can make it just a bit higher … to the 360 – 380 area, then we have an up-thrust (potential reversal) condition.

The chart looks similar to our gold (GLD) up-thrust target, linked here for reference.

Recall, for that set-up, it took two months for GLD, to penetrate resistance … and then go into a vicious reversal.

Stay Tuned

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