Will Corn Take A Hit ?

Oil First, Then Corn?

The ‘administration’, if you can call it that, is messing around in the food and financial markets as planned.

Well, almost.

Oil seems to be the focus at this point; virtue signaling using the SPR as the candidate du jour.

Could corn be the next target for ‘help’ such as halting all (or enough) exports to tank the price?

Remember the objective here, is to destroy production.

Anyone with two spike proteins rubbing together, should be able to see that plan (time stamp 5:35) hiding in plain sight.

We’re in full propaganda mode; hypnotizing the masses to think someone thousands of miles away is the bad guy.

Why not use that ruse to toy with the corn market as is being done with oil.

‘It’ll never happen’ … right, just like oil futures could never go negative.

If it does happen or something similar, that’s the opportunity.

CORN, Weekly Chart

The last update had the potential for a retrace and spring set-up, at the 17- 18, area on the chart.

Corn has moved higher with no major price hit, yet.

As said, it might never happen.

If it does, and soon, that support area (at this juncture) is near a Fibonacci 61.8%, retrace as shown below.

Looking at the chart, it’s also clear, CORN is at significant, long-term, resistance.

Two Ways To Trade

One is shown above, via CORN. The other is the futures market itself (not advice, not a recommendation).

CORN tracking fund provides ‘exposure’ as their documentation says. However, it does not provide ‘leverage’.

That’s what the futures market does.


If going the futures route, downside risk needs to be removed as much as possible.

One way for that to happen is an ‘announcement’, similar to the Carter grain embargo, likely to cause a huge (temporary) price collapse.

Until then … we wait.

Stay Tuned

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