Saved By the Bell

Closer Look At Real Estate

No sooner than yesterday’s report was released, IYR price action broke upward through its down trendline.

However, the action remained weak with successive attempts to move higher being thwarted.

The sector closed down for the day.

That’s the way of the markets … set ups materialize, come to fruition or fade away.

It’s 20-minutes, before the open; IYR shows higher action.

Based on the bid/ask spreads, we can see on the hourly chart below, action may be about to complete an ‘a-b-c’ corrective move.

Real Estate, IYR Hourly Chart

The area of interest is identified by the magenta circle.

The second chart shows that action with the Fibonacci projection.

Closer-in with Fibonacci ‘a-b-c’ projection

Recall, the rule of alternation says, ‘last time is not this time’.

Price action from yesterday’s session was choppy and overlapping. Today looks to open sharp gap-higher and thus, fulfills the ‘alternation’.


Obviously, it’s what happens after the open, that’s important.

A swift retrace/reversal and posting an hourly down bar would point probabilities to continued downside for the day.

If we get upward buoyancy instead, we may be in for a protracted upward test.

The hard-stop for the current DRV-22-02, position is unchanged at DRV 45.64 (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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