Gold Penetrates Support

The ‘Inflation’ Narrative Is False

How do we know the ‘narrative’ is false?

Because the price action tells us at this juncture, we’re in some kind of ‘deflation’ impulse.

Taking it a step further, what happens if we don’t get the much assumed ‘hyperinflation’.

What if something else is afoot?

Remember, a Black Swan can also be an upcoming event that’s widely accepted as fact but does not happen.

Now, to the ‘inflation’ indicator itself: Gold

Gold (GLD) Weekly Close

The downside penetration is clear.

GLD, is at The Danger Point.

If we really do have inflation and gold’s going to launch much higher, the last report stated, penetrating support and setting up a Wyckoff ‘spring’ condition would be a good place to start.

So, here we are.

As this post is being created, GLD is rebounding higher by about +0.50%.

This is normal market behavior.

However, the next chart says gold’s likely to have a hard time moving decisively higher.

On a weekly close basis, gold’s in a confirmed downward channel.

It’s going to take a lot of demand to break out of that trend.


So, far, the attitude of the ‘average investor’ to gold’s decline is “Good, I’ll just buy more.”

Six months or a year from now, when food supplies have run out or become so expensive, only ‘zee bugs’ will be reasonably priced, one has to wonder if we’ll all have the same attitude.

Stay Tuned

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