Gold … Ready To Move

Up or Down ?

Before we get started, no analysis would be complete without the latest mega bull forecasts for gold.

Here they are:

“Everyone Is WRONG About This Cycle” – Peter Schiff

Well, ok. I only have one bullish report.

Since it’s from Schiff, do we really need more? 🙂

Remember, back when it was the Russians that were going to move gold higher? You really can’t make this stuff up.

So, let’s move on and take a look at the truth … the price action for gold (GLD).

Gold (GLD), Daily Close

The un-marked daily chart shows about three-years of price action.

The next chart shows the ‘Changing of Hands’ that was first identified over four months ago in this post.

Also shown is the current (channel) trendline that appears to be in effect; GLD, is ‘respecting’ the line.

The left side channel line is grey in color so that multiple hits are shown more clearly.

However, the next chart is where it gets interesting.

If or when GLD penetrates support, it would by definition be set-up in Wyckoff ‘spring position’.

If GLD, was going to launch to new all-time highs, getting itself into ‘spring position’ would be an excellent place to start the move.

If and when there’s penetration of support, one thing to watch closely is the volume.

Would it be another high volume ‘changing of hands’ (for the upside) or a low volume affair that grinds on down.


From a fundamental standpoint, where’s the money going to come from to increase the demand for gold?

We’re already at the front end of (very likely) the largest real estate crash in U.S. history.

The consumer’s tapped out with record high credit card debt; mass layoffs have already started.

Bankruptcies in some areas are up over 100% from last year. Bankruptcy means ‘liquidation’ and that includes any precious metals.

Anything can happen and gold could rally.

However, the backdrop of demand destruction and asset collapse, suggest the direction for gold continues to be to lower levels.

Stay Tuned

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