Subdivision To Decision: Biotech

Lower Highs … Higher Lows

As we’ll see below, SPBIO, has oscillated itself into a decision point.

From a positioning standpoint, my firm has taken a bearish stance on biotech via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

Yesterday’s update anticipated more SPBIO, downside which did not happen.

Instead, we got a test of the latest SPBIO, high.

This testing action does not negate the short via LABD, but it’s now very close.

Once again, we’ll use an inverted chart of SPBIO to mimic the action of leveraged inverse fund LABD.

Biotech SPBIO, Hourly (Inverted)

The blue lines are subdivisions higher and the magenta, subdivisions lower.

The zoom chart below shows just how close we’re to short-set-up, exit. If SPBIO posts a new daily high, by definition it will push past the LABD, stop and the trade will close (not advice, not a recommendation).

Strictly speaking, in the chart above, the ‘risk’, is the distance between the latest hourly low for SPBIO (Inverted) and the stop location at the black arrow.

That’s approximately 50-pts on the SPBIO, chart which corresponds to about 0.43pts for LABD.

After hours action (5:57 p.m., EST) has LABD, trading lower -0.37pts, or -1.68%, @ 21.68, but still above the prior stop location @ LABD 21.23.

Stay Tuned

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