The Set-Up … SOXX & QQQ

Hitting The Channel

The majority of the indices are at their right-side channel lines.

We’ll cover semiconductor SOXX, and QQQs, below. However, biotech IBB, and SPBIO, are in similar positions.

From a calendar and data standpoint, there’ll be plenty that could be used as an ‘excuse’ for market moves but let’s ignore the (intended) distractions and take a look at what the market is saying about itself.

First up, is the semiconductor index, the SOXX.

Semiconductor’s, SOXX, Daily

The chart has Fibonacci retrace levels shown. Price action has retraced to 38.2% and stalled.

But wait, there’s more.

Putting in a trading channel, we could be at a reversal point.

Note the upward thrust energy (‘Force’) has dissipated.

the NASDAQ is in a similar situation but weaker from a retrace standpoint.


Looking at the monthly chart for the Q’s (not shown), it’s been a Fibonacci 13-months since all-time highs.

Force dissipation and ‘Contact Points’ are near identical to the SOXX.


Biotech IBB and SPBIO, are in similar positions. In fact, the overall markets appear poised for downside reversal.

As discussed in the last update, the bond market could be signaling danger ahead with its sharp upward reversal; now (potentially) entering its sixth week.

Stay Tuned

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