Intel … ‘Penny Stock’ by Year End ?

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Beginning next week, we’re about to find out if Intel (INTC) is on track to be a ‘penny stock’, by year-end.

Stocks trading below $5/share, are technically called ‘Penny Stocks‘, and mostly ignored by institutional money.

Dystopian Hell: The Stage Is Set

INTC, has already cut the dividend by 66% (note the symbolism) and is ‘conserving cash’.

A large part of their operation with 18,600 employees, is just outside Portland, Oregon.

Here’s a recent look at Portland, uploaded two months ago.

‘Gee honey. Let’s take the kids and move to Portland … Not.’

Incredible, that ‘Speck Protection’ is STILL being pushed (time stamp 2:11). How would you like to work at a location at this late date, where it’s normal to wear a mask?

So, it goes.

All of this brings us to the chart. The price action itself defines the next likely course (Wyckoff).

Intel INTC, Weekly Close

Last week closed testing underside resistance and potential right-side trend line contact (second chart).

Compressing the chart and expanding the downside scale, gives us the following.

Just in case anyone’s skeptical about ‘channels’ not being a real potential, here’s the latest look at Carvana (CVNA).

Carvana CVNA, Weekly Close

It’s important to note, not only the channel but the location of “No P/E”, which was the release of this post.

Carvana never closed higher after December 11th, 2021.

Intel, What’s Next?

Will it be the same for Intel?

Of course, that’s not known. Price action itself is the final arbiter; at this juncture, it’s at The Danger Point®

This is where the risk is least (not advice, not a recommendation).

If price action moves significantly higher from here, let’s say 5%, then we’ve likely bottomed and are heading into a rebound.

If not, and Monday, opens and closes lower, it may be a confirmation of the right-side trend line and potential trading channel (not advice, not a recommendation).

Let’s see what happens next.

Stay Tuned

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