Biotech … Trend-line’s End

The Next Leg

Down markets have a nasty habit of revealing the bad news of truth.

Robert Prechter Jr., said it years ago (Wave Principle), the public needs to be conditioned to receive (and even demand) bad news.

Bear markets condition the public’s consciousness to fervently seek that which they previously ignored.

This reversal could be trend-line’s end for biotech.

If so, during the next leg down, we may be about to get the revelation.

The previous post was valid but a little early … by one day.

As we’ll see below, If the current action holds, it’s a potential major pivot to the downside.

Biotech SPBIO, Daily Chart

The un-marked chart does not look like much at this point. However, the mark-ups below reveal the potential.

We’ll start first with an obvious trend-line.

Next, is a similar trend to the left of the original and then, a potential trend at the right edge.

Where it gets interesting, is when the chart is compressed to show the symmetry of the trading channel.

It’s hard to dispute that it does not exist … there it is.


Currently short this sector via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation), with LABD entries at 27.58, and 29.29 for a combined entry of 28.11.

Trade identified as LABD-22-05, with current stop at the session low LABD 26.57.


SPBIO, is edging lower with near term support areas on the hourly chart (not shown).

We’re still at the danger point; price action can reverse its nascent down move.

However, this time the fundamentals could provide the backdrop; a potential black swan (of ‘side effects’) and especially if the overall markets (S&P, Dow, NASDAQ) have also reversed.

Stay Tuned

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Gold Miners: Now, It’s Obvious

It Was Never A Bull Market

The bottom’s falling out of the equity markets and the miners are going right along with them.

For long-time users of this site, this lack of a sustainable bull market in the mining indices was identified long ago.

Fifteen months ago, we had the following post. Let’s review and give it an update:

‘What’s wrong with this picture?’

The Charts:

First off, we’ll re-post the weekly close chart of Junior Miners, GDXJ as it was then (October 25th, 2020):

The following quotes were also part of that report:

“One way to look at it is, the junior sector does not believe gold (and silver) prices can be sustained at current levels.”

“Or, if they are sustained, there must be something else at work that would prevent them form obtaining a substantial profit.”

Now we know, nearly a year and a half later, that “something else at work”, is what we call The Speck and the Speck-Effect.

Not only that, energy (and money) that’s being diverted to solve non-problems (covered in the last post) may be having an effect as well.

Let’s not forget supply chain problems with no end in sight.

If there ever was a case for Wyckoff analysis, this is it.

Reading price action, making calculated (intuitive) decisions will keep one away from what by now, has become useless prattle from the mainstream sources.

Remember ‘blue skies ahead’?. Seems like it was almost yesterday … oh, wait. 🙂

This garbage-in, garbage-out, is not exclusive to just the financial media.

As Dr. Vernon Colman points out in his video (linked here), it seems to be pervasive in all types of media world-wide.

Junior Miners GDXJ, At Present:

Here’s how the weekly close of the Junior Miners looks today (approximately, mid-session):

Downside Trading Channel(s)

We’ll stay with the weekly GDXJ but zoom in and mark it up:

GDXJ, has been in a well-established down-channel, beginning around late November of 2020.

As shown with the grey dashed-line, there’s a possibility of a new more aggressive channel.

The chart below shows the potential right-side trend line is currently being ‘straddled’ by price action; this can happen when the equity or index is unsure there’s been a change.

If GDXJ really has pivoted more aggressively to the downside, price action will ‘get itself into the channel’ by accelerating sharply lower.

Where’s It Headed?

For this update, we’re going to use the P&F projections for GDXJ. Fibonacci projections (which have a similar target) may be covered in tomorrow’s update … price action depending:

Downside projection is for a drop of approximately – 35% to -50%, from current levels (not advice, not a recommendation).


As always, anything can happen. The markets could be rescued yet one more time.

However, at this juncture we’re at least in the established down channel shown above. Price action will let us know if there’s been a decisive acceleration to the downside (grey dashed-line).

Remaining short GDXJ via JDST; labeled as JDST-22-01 (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Depopulation, is Deflationary

‘Safe And Effective’

Independent sources confirming, Americans are now dying at unprecedented rates.

This article just out from Activist Post, contains two (possibly three) sources, each confirming the numbers.

One of the earliest posts that discussed mass depopulation, is linked here. Line-item No. 1, starts it off.

Murder For Hire

This post from September last year, discussed the ‘Elephant in the room’.

That elephant is, we’re at the front end of a potential mass genocide event (that’s already underway).”

Now, here is verifiable proof of just one avenue for ‘deflation’; i.e. demand is literally going to die-off.

This on-going tragedy or ‘plan’ depending on the source is not going to end anytime soon. In fact, we’re still at the front end of what will last for decades.

The medical establishments in the ‘proof’ link above, know exactly what they’re doing; their actions affect millions, if not billions, world-wide.

Fundamentals Of The Matter

This time, the fundamentals do matter.

By now, we all know the backdrop for the entire population world-wide, is ‘shortage’.

Shortage of almost everything.

However, one thing’s not short; stupidity.

We seem to be full up on that. Anecdotal evidence from a trip to the local Target had people still getting in line, apparently of their own free will, for injections.

At this juncture the results are starting to pile up.

One local school is so short-staffed from ‘illness’ (i.e. potential adverse effects), it closed this week; planned to re-open this coming Monday.

Dead Paradigm: ‘Money Management’

Schools are a microcosm of the entire population.

If schools are closing, what’s going on in the other industries? Just for argument, we’ll keep our focus on the ‘wealth management’ sector.

A quick check of a randomly selected ‘partnered research firm’ that has $1-Trillion in assets, 19,000 financial professionals, partnered with 800 institutions, shows in their market commentary, it’s nothing but, ‘blue skies ahead’.

With stats like that, one can surmise: This Is The Herd

The herd sees nothing but blue skies. All is well.

The Netflix implosion could be used to paint market potential as a whole (not advice, not a recommendation): Down over 20%, instantly.

Dan, from i-Allegedly, with his thousands of contacts, has repeatedly stated, the old way of doing business is not coming back: It’s over.

If you’re running a juggernaut of 19,000 ‘professionals’, how fast are you going to be able to change course if/when the market implodes?

New Paradigm: ‘Centralized Management’

You can almost feel it.

That may be the likely outcome of the potential wealth management implosion (not advice, not a recommendation).

That’s if the markets can even survive.

At time stamp 20:49, in this link, Dan may have given us the model for the entire commercial structure, post apocalypse.

After the small and medium businesses have been destroyed, it’s time for a centralized approach.

After it’s all over, if you’re ‘certified’, the centralized method may be all that’s left (not advice, not a recommendation).

Throw in the requirement to be fully ‘injected’ to be part of a centralized firm and voila!, It will become even more centralized as the management population naturally decreases (rapidly).

Taking that to its logical conclusion, as the ranks of certified managers decreases, the only ‘managers’ left will be those who are exempt; the government employees, i.e., the final solution.

There’s more than one way to confiscate an IRA (not advice, not a recommendation).

The War Room

As the ‘About‘ page has stated, we’re in a war; a financial war.

The rules of the game have changed.

The old way of gathering assets, making sure you don’t lose too much money or posting small gains, intentionally keeping clients blissfully ignorant (by spouting garbage like ‘due diligence’), is over.

What’s needed now, at least for starters, is straight talk and the truth; or as much of it that’s currently known.

So far, what is known is this:

Results of mass-injections are starting to show. The largest die-off in recorded (by insurance firm’s) history.

Shortages of everything and especially the food supply (search on this site for keyword, Genesis 41).

All market bubbles appear to be deflating simultaneously; gold miners and biotech leading the way.

The typical money management firm, if they’re nimble enough will begin to ‘minimize losses on the way down’.

They only know, or can only work in one direction: Up

After meeting with a reputable manager ($100s of millions under management) and asking him if he works the downside, the response was: ‘The clientele can’t handle the volatility’.

So, the answer is no.

The fastest, potentially most profitable direction, the direction that trading professionals prefer, i.e., ‘down’, is not worked by a typical firm. They wait for the upside.

What’s The Market Saying?

Wyckoff analysis focuses strictly on what the market’s saying about itself.

Looking at the table above, that market clearly shows, gold miners and biotech leading the way down; potentially going much lower and each for their own reasons.

On deck for tomorrow, a technical look at gold and the miners; what may be in store for continued downside action.

We’ll discuss Newmont’s apparent reversal; Juniors as the weakest sector, along with P&F and Fibonacci projections.

Stay Tuned

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Front Running The News

‘Out In Front, By A Year’

A pattern begins to emerge.

That is, the strategies and research presented on this site are leading actual news events by about twelve months.

Example No. 1: The Dollar Rally

The dollar rally potential (when first recognized) was presented in this post over a year ago.

Since then, about 10 – 11 months later, ZeroHedge picked it up only after it had become a full-blown reversal.

The dollar has continued to rally and is currently (after breaking support), in Wyckoff ‘spring position’.

Example No. 2: The Food Supply & ‘Inflation’

One of the earliest posts discussing the intentional destruction of the food supply, is linked here.

From that update, we had:

“The entire U.S. agricultural food supply infrastructure is being systematically dismantled.”

Those statements looked hyperbolic at the time.

Obviously, at this point, it’s becoming common knowledge; at least for anyone that’s listening.

Example No. 3: The ‘Speck Effect’

In what may have seemed like a brutal rant, has now become fact.

This rendition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’, posted over a year ago, had no links to support the intuitive assessment of what was to come.

That post has now been updated with the facts.

Warning Note:

Obviously, not everyone injected, is a coward.

Children are rightly terrified. Let’s be realistic.

However, the idiot parents and enabling Doctors and Pharmacists are (eventually) likely, as Dr. Vernon Coleman puts it, to be arrested and tried/convicted for either murder or attempted murder.


There are other research examples like gold and the gold miners but the three above, cover the picture fairly well.

From the data presented, it’s apparent at least two things are happening simultaneously.

No. 1: Strategic Analysis

World, market, and local (within the U.S.) events are researched and analyzed for potential impact.

No. 2: Market (Wyckoff) Analysis

Those events from No.1, are then linked to market action if any. Potential opportunities are identified.

The Path Forward:

This update is a very brief description of the site’s go-forward objectives.

What’s here, is a long-term (documented) track record of situational awareness; coupled with reading price action which in turn, is used as a case for market positioning.

Stay Tuned

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Pivot – Point: ‘Inflation’

Major Direction Change Ahead ?

Was the inflation report ‘brutal’ or not?

The gold market, the supposed ‘inflation’ safe haven, has already decided for itself.

That is, GLD ‘blips’ higher just 0.26%. Hardly a screaming bull market.

If the worst inflation in 39-years can’t drive the gold market higher, then we’re taking the contrary view.

We may have just seen the peak of whatever’s being termed inflation.

Demand on many if not all fronts (except, maybe food) looks ready to collapse. The consumer’s tapped out; about to be taxed out as well.

Taxed out of whatever is left of their property … even if it’s stolen property.

Buried in this mainstream article may actually be some truth. ‘Supply chain pressures are easing … shipping rates coming down’.

Of course, they won’t tell why it’s happening.

It’s a double whammy of the consumer being maxed-out and literally dropping out as well.

We’re calling the video in the link, The ‘Speck-Effect’.

Let’s move on and take a look at what the gold market has to say about inflation.

Gold (GLD) Daily Chart

Price action is nowhere near a bull move and remains below significant resistance.

In the expanded chart below, we can see GLD literally banging about below the resistance level.

First, a test. Then a secondary test and now, what looks like a third attempt.

Note, that each subsequent test is at a lower high (thus far).

Senior Miners (GDX)

Price action in the miners, GDX is similar to GLD.

GDX remains below significant resistance.

Each upward attempt appears to be terminating at lower and lower levels.

Newmont (NEM) and DUST-21-01

Price action in Newmont (NEM) continues to look as if the entire market is thinning-out.

If there are this many price-action attempts to throw off market participants whether bulls or bears, one gets the sense the ensuing move (if/when it comes), may be literally off the charts.

Maintaining short via DUST-21-01 (not advice, not a recommendation).


We’ve just had the worse ‘inflation’ news in 39 – 40 years, depending on the source. Yet, the precious metals markets go nowhere. Therefore:

The ‘inflation narrative’ is false.

Just another lie. Probably no surprise there.

If it was true, then all commodities, gold, silver, corn, grains, oil, coffee, every last one of them, would be in a screaming bull market.

Instead, we’ve got the grains moving higher while precious metals move lower.

It can be shown that gold is now inversely correlated to corn as seen, in this post (in case you missed it).

Stay Tuned

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The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a coward was stirring, not even a mouse.

They all had their masks, hiding in fear, in hopes the vax they heard about, soon would be here.

Jumping up in nightclothes and getting in line, they all got injected and then went Flat-Line.

When what to my amazement should appear, it was the “expert” doctor saying, it’s all in good cheer.

As the doc ate the cookies that had been left near, he said:

“I just Vaxxed Santa, so he could be here.”

But to my amazement, as the doc went on his way, I saw ‘ol Saint Nick a dead on his sleigh.

Not to worry fair cowards, all in good cheer, just put your mask on, go live in fear.

For those who are brave we all know the tale.  The brave die once only, and are forever regaled.

For the mask wearing cowards who die every day, we bid you farewell, to sleep on the hay.

Yes it’s the hay in the train, we’ve all seen the scene, of boxcars and all, it’s just a bad dream.

Now, the train’s at the camp, the showers are there, herding the mask wearers into their lair.

Sleep soundly you cowards, sleep with your mask. Sleep soundly, sleep soundly;

Go, get your Vax.

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