Carvana Has No P/E

No P/E

No Grade-Point

Another Animal House ?


‘All courses, … incomplete

If your biggest claim to fame is that you ‘invented’ a vending machine … you’ve got real problems.

No haggle pricing, thin margins and high volume, have already been pioneered by CarMax.

So, what’s left … you get to select your car with a token and vending machine?

Based on available data, in the past three years, CVNA had one profitable quarter. Those results were released in August, this year.

About a week after that, CVNA breaks its uptrend, goes sideways and now, is heading lower.

CVNA Trend Break

The daily chart has the arrow showing the only profitable quarter in three years.

On the other side of business, we have CarMax … where every quarter for the past ten-years has been profitable.

Double The Bubble

During the melt-down in 2007 – 2008, new cars on retail lots had window stickers that said ‘$10,000 Off List Price’.

We’re probably double the bubble of then. With that in mind, even CarMax looks poised to have a hard time.

As the economy (if you can call it that) falls off the cliff, one of these two (KMX, CVNA), is not likely to survive.

So, we can expect even deeper discounts.

However, this time, it’s likely to be a choice between buying food or buying the SUV at 70% – 80%, off retail.

On the positive side, that SUV can be put to work hauling fertilizer (if it can be found) for raised bed gardens. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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