Eyes On China … FXI

Textbook (YANG) FXI, Short Entry

If the trade’s falling apart, get out.

That’s the admonition from Dr. Alexander Elder in his book ‘Come Into My Trading Room‘.

And so it was. Short position in real estate, closed out.

Even with all the analysis, real estate (IYR) has pushed higher. The short position via SRS (SRS-22-01) was exited just below the stop @ SRS 16.33.

Exiting a trade, frees the mind to look elsewhere for opportunity.

Typically, one would have to wait days or even a week or so for something else to be available.

However, despite appearances, the market is moving very fast at this juncture.

Looking around in those markets, we have a textbook entry signal (to go short) the FXI (not advice, not a recommendation).

David Weis & The Video

Many times, on this site (actually, for years), the Weis video has been recommended.

Next to Wyckoff’s treatise from 1910, Studies In Tape Reading, that video is probably the most important one could ever watch concerning the markets.

In it, he describes a ‘trick’ as he calls it, to get aboard a market that’s already underway. At the time, his discussion was using DE (if memory serves), as the trading vehicle.

That ‘trick’ is highlighted below on FXI

China Index FXI, Daily

This is how the chart looks early in today’s session.

Next, we’re going to invert the chart to mimic what’s seen on leveraged inverse fund YANG.

And now, the signal zoomed-in

The above price action is nearly exactly as presented in the Weis video; even though it was recorded fifteen-years ago.

The above signal is not a guarantee.

It is, however, a high probability low risk set-up (not advice, not a recommendation).

The entry signal was triggered at approximately YANG 11.75, with a stop at YANG 11.02, for a ‘risk’ of 0.73/share (not advice, not a recommendation).


As this post is being created, YANG is retracing and is currently trading near 11.67, narrowing the distance from any potential entry to the stop.

On a very long term (Monthly) basis, there are interesting things happening in FXI. We’ll be covering that soon in another update.

Stay Tuned

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Active: YANG (YANG-22-02), entry @ 11.83, with stop @ 11.30