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Today’s action may be in a trading channel.

It’s a Fibonacci eight days from the low of September 4th, to the top on the 16th.

That time correlation, along with the channel hits, help to provide validity to the set-up.

Our short position in the sector has not changed appreciably.  There was a slight backing off yesterday, by reducing the size about one-percent.

However, during today’s action as IBB was making intraday highs (BIS making lows), the short position was increased, via BIS.

In any event, we have a hard stop at the day’s high, IBB 134.85, which is approximately 31.46, on BIS:  Not financial advice, not a recommendation.

As of this post, 7:00 p.m., EST, the S&P 500 futures are trading down about -0.50%, giving the inference that downside action will continue at the next session.

Silver futures have dropped another 4.5% – 5%. Price action’s heading straight down.  Nearest chart support for the SIZ20 (December) contract is around 20.00.

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