Lying In Wait

That’s exactly what’s happening with biotech (IBB) and more specifically Amgen (AMGN).

Just like with Newmont and GDX from the previous update, Amgen’s the heavy hitter for the biotech sector.

What we see on the daily chart below and expandable version here, is that AMGN’s at the danger point.

Price action penetrated well established support and then stopped dead (so far).

If that’s the case, we’re looking for price action to rebound and move toward the 242 – 244 area; a 50% retrace from current levels.

If that point is reached, depending on the behavior of price action itself, the expectation is for a long-term reversal.

There have been several trades using BIS and LABD with the overall result being about break-even to slightly down.

More important than outright profit is the trading insight (over several months) into the sector itself.  That insight can only come from active positions. 

No amount of ‘paper trading’ or external analysis will provide a visceral feel for the market.


We’re waiting for price action in AMGN and the overall IBB, to counter-trend upward as we head into November.

If there’s an obvious reversal at that time (not advice, not a recommendation) the risk on a short position may be at its lowest.

Charts by StockCharts

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