Silver … Sold Out !

… And The Bulls Are Trapped

How is it possible to have silver stocks sold out here and here, yet silver bears have trapped the bulls.

As we’ll show below, this morning’s action in SLV, has confirmed the reversal; a Wyckoff up-thrust, pointing silver’s probability to lower levels.

For starters, let’s recap on how this (trading) game is played.

That is, the public i.e., the masses, need to be led to and fro so they are continuously on the wrong side of the trade.

That’s it.

So it is with precious metals and specifically silver.

The media came out recently, effectively telling everyone ‘Now is the time to buy gold’.

Where were these guys in 2001, when gold bottomed around $271/oz.

No, they show up at the end of the move … not the start.

Public Buys Hype, Not Facts

So the public has bought into the hype and run the silver coffers dry. Everyone excepts an immediate currency collapse and certainly anything can happen.

However, as Undedicated Economist points out, the dollar strength (first identified in this post) can last for years.

The original (bullish reversal) analysis is now supported by the facts; it’s been nearly two-years since that post and the dollar (UUP) is still headed higher.

So, let’s find out where silver is likely to go. For that, we go to the weekly chart.

Silver SLV, Weekly

The set-up, already posted; Spring-to-Up-Thrust.

It’s a repeating pattern found across the markets.

Price action gets itself into a spring condition by penetrating support which subsequently sets up the reversal; the up-thrust.

Next, we’ll use the Fibonacci Projection Tool, showing likely areas for downside destination.

A full 1 : 1 projection gets us right back to where we started the whole ‘short-squeeze’.

If SLV, gets back down to the 10.50 – 11.0, level, one can only imagine what type of hype will be in vogue.

However, at those levels, it’s reasonable to expect the local bullion dealer will be begging for sales … they might even offer their product at, or near, spot. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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