Real Estate, Ready?

The real estate index IYR has been struggleing at resistance for months.  Yesterday’s action was a swift break lower to the bottom of the range.

Inverse fund DRV (3X inverse IYR) had is largest single day gain since mid-May of last year.

The weekly chart shows the four-month struggle at resistance as well as MACD bearish divergence.

IYR may attempt to test slightly higher (DRV down) during this session.

If so, we’ll be looking to position short via DRV; not advice not a recommendation.

Moving on to biotech.  Yesterday’s action was a good example of negative bias in LABD.  Even though IBB closed lower, LABD closed lower as well.

The LABD position was closed out as shown (above) and the BIS positions maintained.

Note the R-Exit value.

This represents the gain on the amount risked. If $1,000 was risked on the trade, it returned $8,540.

Update will be forthcoming if/when a DRV position is established.

Charts by StockCharts

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