Good Short, Bad Short

Seems like Tesla (TSLA) is always in the news.

Now, we have ‘the big short’, as reported by The Money GPS, doubling down on a possible even bigger short.

Is TSLA a good short opportunity or just a high visibility gamble; or maybe at this point in our history, just another psy-op?

How many minions are flagellating themselves over TSLA, anyway?

From a trading standpoint, TLSA could reverse from here. It could also gap higher into a wedge throw-over. With the weekly MACD showing no signs of erosion, probabilities are about equal.

Bad Short

Now, let’s look at another chart:

Real estate, IYR is showing classic signs it’s about ready to roll over.

Its been struggling for months at the 85-86 area and just yesterday, posted a new weekly low.

Yesterday as well, bonds reversed to the upside. Pre-market activity points to a higher open … solidifying the reversal.

On top of that, the dollar shows a higher open having (downward) tested its up-trend at the last session.

The list can go on but we see the difference.

One is a gamble (or even a psy-op manipulation of followers) and the other is a trade with high probabilities.

Good Short

The table below has current positioning (not advice, not a recommendation):

Special Update: 9:52 a.m. EST. Price action in DRV pushed to stop level and has recovered quickly.

Position is being maintained (for now) with analysis to follow.

Update: 2:21 p.m. EST. IYR looks to be headed to a 38% retrace at approx 84.25, level. All DRV positions exited. Will look to re-enter shorts at higher level, price action depending.

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