Set The Stop

“Set the stop and walk away”.

That was a phrase from the late David Weis, used during his training session video (link here).

That’s what we’re gong to do.

Biotech (IBB) is nearing support and it was thought the overnight would result in an obvious gap-down open, exit signal.

However, with just about a half-hour to go before the regular session, markets maintained their positions overnight keeping the door open for continued decline or counter-trend action.

All markets, the S&P, Dow, Nasdaq, (and biotech) are pivoting lower from insane valuations. We could be at the very beginning stages of a sustained deflationary move.

One example of how such moves behave, was the oil market in July of 2014. The tracking fund USO, had nine successive down months (declining over 60%), before a significant retrace.

With that in mind, we’re setting the LABD stop at the prior session low of 21.80 (not advice, not a recommendation).

With an LABD entry point at 18.08, being stopped out at 21.80, would yield a gain around 21%.

So, we’ll leave it there and move on to other opportunities.

The weekly has IBB, nearing support around 140 – 142 (dashed line). We can expect price action to hesitate as (or if) it encounters those levels.

Stay Tuned

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